As we enter 2022, organizations are evaluating how they can best service their employees and customers from an increasingly work-from-anywhere world. Many offices have sat empty for almost 2 years now, so companies are deciding how to proceed.

In this inaugural episode of Excellerate, Eric Bostick, CTO of NWN Carousel, joins me, Andrew Gilman, to examine key technological advances that are coming in 2022 that companies can adopt to streamline the user experience.

eXcellerate is a podcast produced by NWN Carousel, the leading cloud communication service provider in North America which services more than 7000 clients across various fields. eXcellerate is a podcast geared toward technologists, IT leaders, and thought leaders. Tune in to learn how your organization can use technology to adjust to the changing workplace.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Eric’s background [1:42]
  • What people should be thinking about as they adopt technology in 2022 [5:31]
  • The great resignation [13:25]
  • How visibility is key to transformation [18:50]
  • How to do more with less [23:03]
  • How different populations communicate differently [27:40]
  • What is different in the security space this year [30:02]
  • Our philosophy [32:01]
  • What secure by design means [34:52]

High quality video is a must have in the hybrid world

Organizations that previously would have never dabbled in video technology have had to adopt to video and remote technology over the past two years. In this work from anywhere climate, people crave interaction and collaboration, so they have to have the right technology to facilitate their needs.

To ensure a better user experience, it is important to have a good quality video system without the hassle of setting things up. For the people who are going into the office, it is important to provide a video conference room that his hassle free. Anyone should be able to drop in and point, click, touch, and scan without having to worry about who is on the network or changing ISPs. Listen in to hear how QR codes and survey technology can help employees who are returning to the office.

How to keep networks safe from devices that can’t be controlled

Work is something people do now, not a place that people go. One issue that many organizations have discovered with many still working from home or the coffee shop is that there are devices logging into the network that companies have no control over. Having some sort of network access control is the key to ensuring the security of the network.

Another way to ensure safety across the board is by extending the network to all employees’ homes. The bandwidth is there to maintain system safety and be easy to use while standardizing the home office experience. Choose the right cloud based security tools that will tie together nicely and interact with each other. SASE (secure access service edge) application can help extend the home office experience. If organizations focus on providing a quality experience while providing enhanced security, everyone will benefit.

IT professionals are ready to quit

We’ve all heard about the great resignation. Many employees, especially those in IT, are fed up with the challenges that come with the hybrid work model. It is important to support all employees during this transition because hybrid work is here to stay. Having a good work set up and the right tools to do the job helps people feel supported. This is another area where collaboration tools can help keep a consolidation strategy. If organizations can empower users for self service in a cloud based world while at the same time providing analytics to the IT team, this will be a key component to keep users and the IT department happy in their roles.

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