Attacks by ransomware are increasing in a very public way which is why rapid recovery capability is so important in today’s marketplace. On this episode of Always On, Josh Haley and I discuss the importance of resilience, rapid recovery capability, and how ransomware is affecting the market today. Join us as we explore the intersection between technology and security in business.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Preparing for ransomware attack [1:22]
  • Simplicity in data management solutions [5:45]
  • Ransomware tactics [10:13]
  • Ransomware detection [12:25]
  • Learning what is possible in data protection [17:32]
  • What’s next for Cohesity [23:52]

Through Cohesity, Josh Haley helps organizations create simple solutions

Josh Haley is a technology evangelist, consultant, and expert who focuses on enterprise technologies for Cohesity. Over his 20-year career in information technology, he has helped organizations embrace change so they can maximize and optimize their technology investments to meet their business demands.

The founder of Cohesity was an architect for Google. He started Cohesity to use hyperconvergence to solve data challenges. Cohesity solves data management use cases with simple, scalable software to find the right solutions.

Ransomware is a threat that organizations can’t afford to ignore

Unfortunately, ransomware is not going anywhere. Last year organizations were hit by ransomware every 14 seconds. This year that figure has increased to every 11 seconds. We can all think of so many organizations that have been hit publicly and some have even been forced to pay huge sums.

No organization can afford to ignore the threat of ransomware now that 30% of malware attacks are ransomware. If your organization doesn’t have protection capabilities and the mechanisms in place for a quick recovery then it is just a ticking timebomb.

Organizations need the level of resilience that Cohesity can provide

Cohesity provides a level of resilience that organizations need. They provide a level of prevention, detection, and recovery all at the same time while integrating with other systems. They don’t just provide a backup solution but a platform as well. They have redefined what is possible in data protection and management. Discover how Cohesity can provide data protection by listening to this interview with Josh Haley.

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