We have seen a lot of quick, unexpected changes over a short period of time in network infrastructure. Organizations are trying to evolve alongside network infrastructure as these changes take place. With all of this change, we all want to know what the future holds.

Join this conversation with Carla Guzzetti and Dan Dulac from Extreme Networks as we discuss the 4th industrial revolution, changes stemming from the work from home movement, and the evolution of network infrastructure on this episode of Always On.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • The 4th industrial revolution [1:58]
  • The theory of infinite enterprise [5:02]
  • Productivity during the work from home movement [8:01]
  • Balancing privacy and working from home [11:12]
  • The promise of 5G [19:12]
  • How security will be involved in the changes [27:22]
  • The impact of OT [34:01]

Workplaces are changing, so infrastructure must change as well

Covid 19 brought about violent and abrupt changes in many aspects of life all over the world including the way we work. As such, organizations have had to adapt quickly to these sudden changes. As a result, network infrastructure has experienced many quick, unexpected changes over a short period of time. With the introduction of cloud computing and increased remote work, the question becomes, how do we evolve the network infrastructure to keep up with the pace of these changes?

How have people and businesses adapted to working from home?

Although there are vertical industries that are struggling from the pandemic, there are many more industries that are rising to the challenge of these changes and innovating the way they do business. The biggest difficulty some businesses face is how to collaborate when everyone is working remotely. In the face of these obstacles, people have come up with creative ways to work around their struggles and many have become even more productive than they were in offices.

How to tackle privacy and data protection in a work from home world

The hybrid workforce is one way that companies will have to continue to adapt to change. Organizations must figure out a way to take something as complex as networking infrastructure and make it simple enough for everyone to understand. A further challenge will be to keep personal data separate from work data. IT administrators want to control everything they come across, so how can employers assure employees that their personal data doesn’t get mixed with business? There are a variety of solutions that could work, but the best way may be a multi-faceted solution. Listen to this episode of Always On to hear potential solutions.

Technology will lead the way

There are so many promising upcoming technologies. 5G, 6E and Starlink are just a few of these examples. How they will work together will change the world. These technologies will open up connectivity to parts of the world that have never been able to connect in the past. This will bring on a further revolution in globalization. Although disruption can be scary, it brings about an opportunity for change. Discover how evolution in network infrastructure will continue to change the world by listening to this episode of Always On.