The majority of our customers lean on us to consider and plan for:

  • Implications of a remote workforce on the security of your organization
  • Enabling remote workers with the latest technology to support productivity and efficiency
  • How to get the most out of your current collaboration toolset
  • The impact of XaaS offers on organizations and how to best adopt them
  • Recalibrating your current tech stack to address new challenges
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery with a cloud approach
  • Building and leveraging a Zero Trust Architecture to contain and mitigate risks
  • AI, Bots, and Analytics and the value these technologies can bring to an organization
  • Changing how you consume critical technology

As educational institutions consider distanced learning scenarios, many are chatting with us about:

  • Implementing distance learning programs and building IT capacity to support such programs
  • Offering interactive and collaborative experiences to end users
  • How to support increased demand on your network
  • Strengthening your security posture in response to an advancing threat landscape
  • Enabling collaboration between students and teachers at multiple sites with video solutions

As Telemedicine usage has surged alongside a climbing volume of patients, many of our healthcare clients wish to discuss:

  • Work at Home/Cloud-Based Agents: Expand the staff available to respond to patient requests
  • ChatBots:Reduction in calls that can be automated and avoid bandwidth strain
  • Call-back Assist: Reduce hang-ups and flatten agent pool capacities
  • Telemedicine:Provide real-time experts to help reduce walk-in traffic
  • Automated Q&A Hotline: Offload call volumes from remote call center agents
  • Video Conference: Engage, communicate, and collaborate with team members and patients through video
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