Today, 58% of organizations encourage a hybrid work model, and rely on cloud-based applications and infrastructure to drive productivity. While new ways of working and cloud-based systems provide more flexibility for employers and employees alike, they also pose new security challenges. Nearly half of all data breaches in 2022 happened in the cloud. Organizations that fail to implement cloud security best practices put themselves at risk.

Securing The Hybrid Workforce

With bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, hybrid work, cloud adoption, and increased collaboration, trust is no longer implicit. As a result, zero trust security models are on the rise. A zero trust model considers all resources as external, and continuously verifies trust before granting access.

Download the whitepaper and discover how the concept of zero trust ties into some of the biggest cybersecurity trends for securing your hybrid workforce, including:

  • Identity as the new perimeter
  • The cybersecurity talent shortage
  • Human error (the single biggest threat)
  • Role of AI in enterprise security