Your Challenge

Legacy, on-premises contact center solutions limit scalability; require organizations to maintain costly hardware; and require upfront capital expenditures that may not be aligned with their capacity needs. Many of these solutions also have limited feature sets, making it difficult for contact centers and their representatives to perform optimally.

How We Can Help

A migration to a cloud-based contact center can be an intimidating prospect, so we work with you every step of the way through discovery, planning and deployment stages.

With cloud expertise across the entire IT stack, we take a holistic view of your environment to help you chart a roadmap to the cloud and ensure your contact center is integrated optimally with other technologies like UC or CRM solutions.

Key Benefits

Scale On Demand

Cloud-based contact center solutions allow organizations to ramp up quickly for seasonal requirements or any unexpected capacity needs.

Build Personalized Experiences

Create interactive experiences with multi-channel communication (chat, voice, text and email).

Enjoy High Availability

Carousel partners with top-tier cloud contact center providers that offer redundant data centers, enterprise-class telecom networks and 99.99% availability guaranteed.

Are You Ready For a Cloud Migration? Let’s Find Out!

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Buyers of hosted and cloud-based contact center products have an opportunity to rapidly deploy technologies that directly impact their customer-handling models to achieve the required market differentiation through service.

Mary Wadley Program VP Loyalty and Customer Care, IDC
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