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Skype Operations Framework

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Adoption of Skype Operations Framework (SOF)

As part of Carousel’s ongoing support of our customers collaboration journey we are pleased to offer our support of SOF. As customers consider a cloud first, mobile first workplace, Carousels Office 365 and SOF offer are available to guide and solve and expand upon these new work environment.

Carousel’s SOF – Tailored to Voice & Enhanced Meetings Solutions

The SOF Phases, Plan, Deliver, Operate are supported by the inner Stages within the SOF offer, which have aligned activities, tools and assets. Each Stage is defined to support the Phase’s goals and would be worked through as part of the project lifecycle. Carousel’s UC Delivery model shows where these activities have been incorporated into our UC delivery model. Customer engagement can start at any one point on the continuum, whereby presenting the most value to the customer’s lifecycle as possible.



  • Verify and document business goals, objectives, budgets and SME’s
  • Define Scope of Voice / Meetings / Collaboration needs
  • Network Services consideration and options
  • Instant Messaging, desktop share and federation Access
  • Network readiness assessment, QOS capacity, performance review
  • Create voice call flows, user experiences and capabilities
  • Compliance, governance and adoption mode
  • Mobile device strategy and considerations
  • User based client device options, connectivity models and UI.


  • Cloud/Hybrid/Premise deployment models
  • Integration, interoperability considerations
  • Operations role mapping.


  • Business value assessment – Day in the Life.
  • ROI Analysis
  • Customer service level agreement considerations


Deployment services

  • O365 Voice / Meetings project plan kick off
  • Document migration strategy, capabilities, owners
  • Site Surveys.
  • Execute Telco Carrier agency to facilitate porting of numbers
  • Document baseline architecture design and receive readiness sign off
  • Document test plan and success criteria
  • Business value assessment – Day in the Life.
  • ROI Analysis
  • Customer service level agreement considerations


  • Acquire and activate required licenses
  • Deploy devices and test
  • Service / Application activation for Voice, Meetings, IM, Voice Mail
  • Carrier activation and testing of in our and across calling
  • Production level test plan execution


  • Close project and transition to customer support group
  • Lessons learned meeting with customer
  • Drive and measure user adoption


  • Create milestone for review and reassessment


Managed Services – Monitor, Report, Support, Run

  • System administration technology and services
  • 24x7x365 escalation support and troubleshooting
  • Operational and administrative reporting
  • QBR – Business and technical usage review with innovation recommendations
  • O365 user portal services – self-help tools
  • Carousel technology webinar series and annual leadership conferences
  • Undertake remediation activities
  • Patch Management
  • Recommended UI version updates and controlled changes