Select One or Multiple Preferred Platforms for your Communication and Collaboration Needs, While Maintaining IT Admin Control!

Organizations can expand their horizons beyond a single platform for Unified Communications and Collaboration. Depending on their distinct needs and workflows, they have the option to adopt multiple platforms to fulfill diverse communication and collaboration requirements. The primary objective is to grant users flexibility while upholding IT administrative control. The strategy of employing multiple platforms can be particularly advantageous in scenarios where distinct teams have individual preferences or when certain functionalities are better catered to by one platform over another.

Download this White Paper to access exclusive insights derived from third-party research on the effective adoption of the “multiplatform of choice” approach. Acquire knowledge on furnishing users with a range of Unified Communications platforms, resulting in seamless and secure communication. Uncover methodologies to establish standards that empower IT to sustain administrative oversight while ensuring a consistent user experience across the assorted communication tools resulting in:

• A great user experience

• Uncompromised security

• Access to modern unified communications and collaboration tools

• A robust, resilient communications infrastructure platform

• Ability to deliver the performance requirements for any workload