Is Your Hybrid Work Environment Secure?

Five Steps to a Secure Hybrid Work Assessment

  1. Initial Scope and Stakeholder Identification – It’s critical that the necessary stakeholders are identified and committed to the process in order for the assessment to be effective.  A kickoff of the effort will involve gaining consensus on scope and stakeholder commitment.
  2. Pre-visit Questionnaire – In efforts to best streamline the process and prepare for engagement onsite a list of questions will be addressed to identified stakeholders as a jumping-off point for the On-site engagement to follow.
  3. On-site Education and Discovery – NWN Carousel will spend a day with you stakeholders to educate on Secure Hybrid Work architectures while also conducting a discovery of your current posture relative to that architecture.
  4. Compilation of Findings and Recommendations – NWN Carousel’s consulting team process findings and create structured deliverable.
  5. Findings Review and Prioritization – NWN Carousel’s consulting team will meet with your stakeholders to review the findings and facilitate prioritization of roadmap recommendations.

Schedule Your Secure Hybrid Work Assessment

What happens next?
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