Blog | 04.25.2024

Navigating the Microsoft Teams Licensing Change

Microsoft Teams has become central to modern workplace communication and collaboration, particularly its integration into Office 365 and Microsoft 365. A recent licensing change announced by Microsoft on April 1, 2024, has prompted organizations to reassess their strategies for deploying and managing Teams.  The unexpected shift stresses the importance for businesses to remain aware of licensing dynamics, as they have significant control over both operational and financial planning.

Breakdown of Changes

Global Licensing Shift: Microsoft extended licensing changes globally, impacting how Teams is provisioned. Certain commercial Microsoft 365 and Office 365 suites will no longer include Teams by default outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland.

Implications for Customers: Organizations must now consider separate licensing for Teams, introducing complexities in decision-making for CIOs and CFOs.

Aligning Strategy with Licensing: To ensure continued access to Teams, organizations need to align their technology strategy with evolving licensing structures, understanding options, cost implications, and impacts on productivity.

Partnering with NWN Carousel for Seamless Transitions: NWN Carousel, as a leader in Full Lifecycle Managed IT Services and MS Teams Partner of the Year, offers unparalleled expertise and support for navigating the Microsoft Teams licensing change including:

Expertise: NWN Carousel possesses advanced specializations in Teams deployment and management, offering comprehensive support and guidance.

Global Recognition: Recognized as a Microsoft Teams Partner of the Year globally, NWN Carousel is committed to driving customer success.

Seamless Transitioning: Leveraging extensive experience and full-stack IT capabilities, NWN Carousel ensures smooth transitions to cloud solutions, minimizing disruption.

End-to-End Support: From strategy to ongoing support, NWN Carousel offers assistance throughout the licensing change process.

Empowering Future-Ready Workplaces: NWN Carousel empowers organizations to build future-ready workplaces, delivering transparency, analytics, and cost optimization.

Cost Considerations: The licensing change can result in significant additional expenses for organizations. NWN Carousel helps optimize licensing costs and maximize value, ensuring strategic decision-making.

LicenseOld Price ModelNew Price ModelOld License Model “Teams Price”Teams Enterprise (New)Net New Price for Teams Enterprise

The Microsoft Teams licensing change presents challenges and opportunities for organizations. Partnering with NWN Carousel allows clients to navigate these changes confidently, unlocking the full potential of Microsoft Teams and driving transformative outcomes in the evolving landscape of modern work. Additional Services: NWN Carousel offers assistance in examining Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Return on Investment (ROI), and payback period to drive advancement in modern work.