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Managed Dection & Response: Samaritan partnered with NWN Carousel to perform MDR to regain access to their medical records after a security breach. We took a holistic approach to provide Samaritan with measures needed to manage the cybersecurity attack and prevent future instances. Starting with 24/7 monitoring, Samaritan was able to begin their security deployment.We launched a full cyber investigation to find the threats and discover where the malware was able to breach.

Transform the Future of Healthcare

Hartford HealthCare faced dramatic technical and logistical challenges following the outbreak of Covid-19. Ensuring the health of Connecticut’s 3.5 million residents is the network’s primary mission. See how we helped to support their needs.

Vaccine Megasites Lean on Tech

Cloud computing and robust networking proved to be the top tools at mass vaccination sites with the help from NWN Carousel, a leading AI-powered tech services’ company.

Ransomware Has Nowhere to Hide

Listen to a NWN Carousel customer recount how they adopted a critical cybersecurity posture of continuous monitoring and rapid response to mitigate a security breach.

“You need to test your IT response for various types of cyber security. What’s more important is you need to extend that to your whole team. NWN Carousel has helped us achieve our goals.”

Kyle Aumell, Cybersecurity Management, Samaritan Medical

Nearly everything that needs to happen before the patient walks into a clinic or the hospital can be done using technology.

Virtual Care

The future is a “healthcare anywhere” model, where data is simultaneously mobile but controlled. 


Reduce operational expenses, improve the quality of care, expand care access, and align to growing climate priorities.


The ongoing digitization of healthcare will continue to elevate and introduce new security risks as the threat landscape becomes more complex.

Other Industries We Serve

Public Sector

Public Sector

Meeting the urgent needs of local government is challenging. We make it simple. Our as-a-service solutions in contact center, networking, devices, collaboration, and secruity rapidly enhance essential services to residents.
Public Safety

Public Safety

Whether you’re ready for cloud transformation or wish to keep your communications on-premise, our 9-1-1 experts will streamline your workflow and operations for dispatch, field response, reporting, and records management.


Secure, connected learning environments for K-12 & Higher Ed. Modernize your network and collaboration infrastructure to better serve the communications, networking, and security needs of your campus.