As today’s healthcare organizations strive to remain competitive in an ever-evolving marketplace—namely by redefining the patient experience—they are looking for robust solutions to deliver superior care to their patients. At Carousel, we craft innovative health IT solutions that allow us to not only provide baseline solutions, but to also provide the outflow from there to the foundational technologies.

How We Can Help

We partner with leading vendors—from Vidyo to Cisco to Polycom—to help you drive innovation in the healthcare landscape.

Expanded Offerings

Grow your spectrum of services, create new revenue streams and better serve your patient base by leveraging innovative telemedicine and telehealth solutions.

Better Patient Service

Redefine the patient experience: enabling stronger chronic disease management and lower readmission rates with better staff communication, faster exchange of information and proactive, remote patient monitoring and diagnosis.

Protected Data

Ensure that patient data–from Social Security Numbers to billing addresses– is protected and that you are meeting all government mandates and regulations.

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Are You Underestimating the Healthcare Patient Experience? – Part 1

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Redefine Your Patient Experience

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The technology Carousel helped us implement has given us a new dimension in healthcare that we wouldn’t have experienced otherwise. It’s totally transparent and we have a better possibility of good, positive outcomes. After all, is that the point of healthcare?

Louis Grimmel CEO, Lorien Health
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