NWN Carousel is introducing a new educational series, the eXcellerate Podcast Series which will feature industry experts from partners, customers, and industry analysts, who will share their perspective on topics from today’s most pressing issues, such as technology in times of crisis, enabling technologies to watch, cybersecurity and more.

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Hidden Truths of Hybrid Work

New Research on Workforce Trends with Mark Bowker, a Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. Discussion focuses on what's going on today, how to improve end-user experience for hybrid work, and what the future of hybrid work may look like!

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Episode 3

Introducing Episode 03: “The Metaverse:  Transforming the Classroom to the Cloud”

The Metavere: Transforming the Classroom to the Cloud with Mike Mathews, Ep #3

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town of cary, podcast

Episode 2

Small Town, Big Innovation: Town of Cary Invests in Digital Transformation, Ep # 2

Small Town, Big Innovation: Town of Cary Invests in Digital Transformation, Ep # 2

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Episode 1

NWN Carousel’s CMO Talks 2022 Tech Trends with Eric Bostick, Ep # 1

NWN Carousel's CMO Talks 2022 Tech Trends with Eric Bostick, CTO

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Episode 12

The Evolution of the Network Infrastructure

We have seen a lot of quick, unexpected changes over a short period of time in network infrastructure. Organizations are trying to evolve alongside network infrastructure as these changes take place. With all of this change, we all want to know what the future holds.

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Episode 11

How to Reduce Security Risk

Welcome back to the Always On podcast series which connects the dots between security and technology. On this episode of Always On, Lane Roush from Arctic Wolf joins me to discuss the differences between MDR and EDR and how they can be used to help organizations reduce security risk. If you are looking for the best ways to reduce risk you might be surprised to hear that the answer is not in changing platforms. Listen in to discover what organizations can do to effectively reduce security risks.

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Episode 10

There is No Time Like Real Time for Detection and Response

As security professionals, it's our obligation to educate. This is why I have invited digital forensics and incident response expert, Tony Giandomenico from Fortinet to discuss all things detection and response.

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Episode 9

Make Work Less Work with UCaaS

If Covid 19 has taught us anything it is how to work from home. But is there a way we could make work less work? Working from home will soon change to working anywhere as the world begins to open back up and organizations need to be prepared to address that.

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Episode 8

Secure and Trusted Access at Scale with Duo’s Wolfgang Goerlich

The past year has brought about an enormous shift in how we work which has led to security issues on a much broader scale. On this episode of Always On, Wolfgang Goerlich from Duo joins me to discuss how organizations are handling secure access and deploying trusted access at scale. You won’t want to miss our review of a secure outcome study, so press play to listen.

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Episode 7

IOT Security: Challenge Accepted with Ordr’s Jeff Horne

Connected devices pose a serious challenge to network security these days. Is your organization ready to tackle the threat that connected devices create? I wanted to explore this topic further which is why I reached out to an expert in this field. Jeff Horne is the Chief Security Officer at Ordr and since Ordr is a platform that creates connected device visibility within organizations, I knew he was exactly who I wanted to speak to about this challenge that many organizations increasingly face. Join us for this discussion about the challenges organizations have with the management, security, and privacy of IoT and connected devices.

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Episode 6

Resilience and Recovery Through the Lens of Ransomware

Attacks by ransomware are increasing in a very public way which is why rapid recovery capability is so important in today’s marketplace. On this episode of Always On, Josh Haley and I discuss the importance of resilience, rapid recovery capability, and how ransomware is affecting the market today. Join us as we explore the intersection between technology and security in business.

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Episode 5

Up Close and Personal with SASE with Eyal Webber-Zvik and Jonny Noble, Ep # 5

Security teams everywhere are struggling. They are struggling with the amount of data and information that they are presented with daily. SASE may be the converged solution that your security team has been looking for.

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