The past year has brought about an enormous shift in how we work which has led to security issues on a much broader scale. On this episode of Always On, Wolfgang Goerlich from Duo joins me to discuss how organizations are handling secure access and deploying trusted access at scale. You won’t want to miss our review of a secure outcome study, so press play to listen.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Trusted access [1:22]
  • The challenges that customers are seeing with the remote workforce [4:18]
  • Learning what Duo can do for an organization [9:45]
  • Improving the user experience [18:50]
  • Intangibles that customers are getting from Duo [25:04]
  • The outcomes of a secure outcome study [30:18]

What role does Wolfgang Goerlich play at Duo?

Duo is a trusted access company. This means they provide strong assurance for who a person is. This assurance is provided by multi-factor authentication and strong assurance for the devices they are coming in on. Duo also provides a robust policy engine that looks at not only those factors but also considers behavior analytics which factors in whether a person is behaving as expected.

Wolfgang Goerlich is the Advisory CISO at Duo. He has led security in IT in both the healthcare and financial services industries. While he enjoyed growing teams in both of these fields, Wolfgang loves the fact that Duo is a design first, human-centered company. His role is to help ensure that the CISOs needs are known and met in the product.

What are the challenges that customers are seeing with the growing remote workforce?

Over the course of the past 12 months, there has been a massive shift in the way we work. We went through the largest migration in human history, and it was unique in that it wasn’t to a geographic place, it was from the physical to the virtual. This virtual migration has had long-lasting effects on both IT and security teams. The remote workforce will continue and even accelerate in the future.

The security challenges that this shift has created are immense. That level of resilience wasn’t built into organizations. Now we couple that with authentication challenges, application access challenges, data access challenges, and loss of visibility. This is where Duo comes in to play an important role in solving some of these problems.

How do you deliver services without VPNs?

The remote access side is important but the other side is the visibility into the devices and their activity. Companies never had policies in place before about which devices had remote access and are coming to realize how important it is to create remote access policies.

What can Duo do for an organization?

Duo is more than an MFA, it’s device trust, adaptive access policies, remote access, and SSO. The full gamut of the portfolio of what Duo can do for an organization. It focuses on identity protection, data protection, and application protection. Behavior analytics plays an ever-increasingly important role in security now that the majority of activity is outside corporate control.

The other side of Duo is what they are doing to improve the user experience. The goal is to reduce authentication friction so that the user can have a good, consistent experience no matter where they are. The executives who are aligned with the business know that this is needed. So many CIOs and CISOs are trying to consolidate it down into an ecosystem that provides interoperability, visibility and context across the stack.

Listen to this interview with Wolfgang Goerlich to discover how we can simplify, integrate, and reduce complexity while leaving the customers better than we found them.

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