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When you Have Seconds to Respond: Our school safety webinar focused on building an integrated technology plan for quick response to emergency situations on campus. Special guest, Hank Hunt, founder of The Kari Hunt Foundation and the inspiration behind Kari’s Law discussed the importance of advocating for legislation to keep campuses safe.  NWN Carousel and 911inform have partnered to offer a Public Safety Education Bundle that delivers integrated safety and emergency management solutions.

School Safety through Technology

Get insights into how you can safeguard your campus through creating an integrated technology roadmap. Listen to our experts share how to rapidly respond to any emergency. Meeting the latest in school safety mandates.

Tap into Billions in Funding

Many learning institutions are eligible for state, local and federal funding. We provide integrated data, voice, networking, devices, and security solutions tailored to fulfill your school’s collaboration requirements. Acting as a trusted guide, we’re here to help you meet your budgetary goals.

Contracts Made Easy for Education

Our vast State, Local & Education funding expertise simplifies the complexity to deliver real-time, real-world IT solutions. NWN Carousel’s National & State contracts are competitively bid and easy to use.

“Technology done right is an art, not a science anymore. You can buy and service technology anywhere. However, can you create something that students like and can use for their own success? We believe we’ve done that with the help of NWN Carousel.”

Michael Mathews, VP of Technology Innovation, Oral Roberts University

Other Industries We Serve

Public Sector

Public Sector

Meeting the urgent needs of local government is challenging. We make it simple. Our as-a-service solutions in contact center, networking, devices, collaboration, and secruity rapidly enhance essential services to residents.
Public Safety

Public Safety

Whether you’re ready for cloud transformation or wish to keep your communications on-premise, our 9-1-1 experts will streamline your workflow and operations for dispatch, field response, reporting, and records management.
Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Pioneering innovative solutions that set the groundwork for a healthcare future that is more interconnected, secure, and sustainable. Modernize your IT infrastructure to enhance communications, optimize networks, and fortify security.