If Covid 19 has taught us anything it is how to work from home. But is there a way we could make work less work? Working from home will soon change to working anywhere as the world begins to open back up and organizations need to be prepared to address that.

On this episode of Always On, Toussaint Celestin and Steve Forcum join me to discuss how their companies, Avaya and RingCentral are using UCaaS to streamline workflow. Join us for this relevant conversation.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Compelling client stories from those who have adopted UCaaS [3:12]
  • Taking the next step [8:14]
  • Improving the work from anywhere element [14:41]
  • Popular integrations [23:29]
  • What have the platforms done to focus on security [30:20]

Not all organizations were ready to work from home

Working from home isn’t anything new, it is something that many organizations have been doing for over a decade now. However, with the rise of Covid over the past year we saw an incredible amount of disruption to our lives and businesses. Virtually overnight, organizations were forced to learn how to have their entire team work from home. What we saw was that some companies weren’t ready at all and others simply had to speed up their 5 year plans. Was your organization prepared for the change?

It’s not just work from home it’s work from anywhere

We now realize that Covid is not going to be a short-term event. This means that many teams won’t have members coming back to the office 100%. Organizations will need to adjust to having people not just work from home, but work from anywhere in the world.

This proposes a new challenge for IT strategies. We all knoow that a bad remote experience can ruin deals with customers. Organizations need to find ways to share files, have video calls, use messaging, and so much more.

The power of UCaaS is that everything is under one umbrella

It’s time for organizations to realize that they need to do more than just get by. Organizations need to go from places that support their remote work force to places that support their work force remote. This isn’t just a play on words, there is a dramatic difference between the two.

With UCaaS organizations can thrive in the new normality. Sharing files, messaging, video conferencing and a whole host of other apps can be integrated into an application that can simplify the end user experience.

Listen to this interview with Toussaint Celestin and Steve Forcum from Avaya and RingCentral to hear how they are creating an ecosystem to give the best experience to their employees and their customers. They are giving organizations the ability to have people work for companies around the world work effectively, efficiently, and productively.

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