Our hyperconnected world allows us to accomplish things that we never thought possible. Today’s guest on eXcellerate, is Mike Mathews, the Vice President of Innovation and Technology at Oral Roberts University. 

Mike has brought flawless WiFi to Oral Roberts, so the students and faculty enjoy a level of engagement not seen at other universities and institutions. Learn how Mike is transforming the classroom using Virtual Reality so students at Oral Roberts can join from across the world.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Mike’s story [1:42]
  • Oral Roberts University [7:31]
  • What has enabled Mike to put these initiatives in place [10:16]
  • How Mike gained a facilities perspective [13:25]
  • Where Oral Roberts University is going from here [18:20]
  • How the Metaverse can change the world [20:56]
  • How technology helps immersive learning [27:34]
  • How blockchain will change the world [32:21]
  • Making hybrid-work work [35:41]

Oral Roberts University strives to train the whole student

Oral Roberts University is situated on 420 acres in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and has been around for over 50 years. This accredited university focuses on using the metaverse to engage the whole student body no matter where they may be in the world. 

Oral Roberts helps students become balanced graduates by involving the whole student rather than simply focusing on pursuits of the mind. Oral Roberts University aids students in balancing their mind, body, and spirit. The faculty trains whole leaders for the whole world which is why they have a 98% placement rate. 

An unwavering network provides unlimited connectivity

Before Mike Mathews came to Oral Roberts University he spent 12 years at a supercomputer company where he learned alternative training methods which showed him how important it is for people to connect easily in our ever-changing world.

When Mike came to Oral Roberts University he realized how critical it would be to provide students and faculty with a flawless network. This is why he partnered with NWN Carousel. Through this partnership we have built a solid network that functions all the time. For 16 straight years, the system has never faltered. 

This dependable network has given the institution credibility and has provided an unwavering education level even throughout the pandemic’s uncertainty. The well-connected students and faculty at were well prepared for the flipped classroom experience that the pandemic created. Everyone was able to connect without all the technological hiccups that were felt in so many other organizations. 

Oral Roberts University embraces the Metaverse

The pandemic brought everyone’s attention to how hyperconnected our world is. Everything is connected through integrated technology. The internet, the internet of things, virtual reality, and AI don’t exist in separate spaces. They are all connected through the metaverse. 

When students have the capability to access the metaverse through uninterrupted internet they can take advantage of everything that the newest technologies can provide. 

At Oral Roberts, students can engage in so many immersive technologies through the metaverse. The students at Oral Roberts engage in immersive learning through augmented reality. Every student has access to VR, not through bulky headsets, but through their smartphones. These affordable apparatus allows students to immerse themselves in the augmented reality experience without the awkwardness of the Oculus glasses. The VR space has even allowed students to train in a virtual operating room.

Discover how Mike Mathews is helping Oral Roberts University step into the future by innovating the technology and maintaining a top-notch network!

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