It’s no secret that companies are striving to adapt to a remote workforce. Working from home means that businesses have to equip their team with the right tools and to do that they need to have appropriate security systems in place. Does your business have the tools it needs to succeed in today’s remote work environment?

On this episode of Always On, we’ll discuss the struggles that organizations are having as they shift to remote work and you’ll learn about solutions that your business can implement to stay on top of this shift. Join me, Matt O’Brien, Paul Oliver, and Tony Morone as we discuss securing the remote workforce.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Tools for collaboration [5:02]
  • Securing your team at home [8:52]
  • The right tools for staying secure remotely [15:31]
  • Maintaining regulations and compliance [16:52]
  • Finding an ecosystem that suits your company’s needs [19:10]
  • How to tackle the remote workforce at scale [22:40]
  • What the future holds for cybersecurity [30:48]

Cybersecurity professionals are working hard to secure businesses

Cyber-attacks have increased significantly during the past year. Companies made the decision, virtually overnight, to send their workforce home. This transition has kept cybersecurity professionals on their toes. They have been helping their teams access the right tools so that businesses can stay secure, yet everyone can still be productive.

Cisco has developed different solutions for businesses to utilize to ensure their data stays safe. The SASE (Secure Access Services Edge) approach is one way that Cisco has ensured the success of the work at home movement for its clients.

How to maintain balance working from home

In addition to the security challenges, the workforce itself has its own challenges. How can people maintain balance while working at home? Now that employees have all the tools they need to do their jobs at their fingertips they are working more than ever. Productivity has increased now that employees don’t have to commute to work each day, but at what cost? Will we begin to see remote work burnout? Teams need to find a way to find that delicate balance between work and home life.

Security is key

A remote workforce means that employees could be working from anywhere, from any device, at any time. Having the tools they need to create strong security systems will give companies the confidence to carry forward with a remote workforce. It is important to create a context for security and performance. Companies must find ways to secure the cloud including data in transit and data at rest.

Webex is one tool to help employees hold secure meetings from anywhere in the world. The user authentication and encryption keys ensure that meetings are secure. What tools is your company using to ensure security from anywhere?

What will the future of cybersecurity bring?

It is important to create a simplified approach to cybersecurity. Cisco is making that happen by creating an ecosystem that reaches across platforms to help users in the right context. A layered approach is necessary to reduce bottlenecks in information sharing.

What do you see being at the forefront of cybersecurity? Listen to this episode to hear a conversation about the latest developments in cybersecurity

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