Have you always wondered how conversational AI worked? Would you like to use it in your business but aren’t sure if it will just frustrate your customers?

If so, you’ll need to check out this episode with our very own VP of Contact Center Solutions, Steve Drew.

Steve answers questions: like what is conversational AI, how is it being used today, and where are different opportunities to use AI in different industries?

The Always On podcast explores the intersection of technology, security, and business with the industry’s best.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • discovering what conversational AI is [4:42]
  • finding out how conversational AI is being used today [11:55]
  • learning how far we are from sentiment analysis [15:02]
  • using AI for employer to employee interactions [18:00]
  • facing the challenges of using AI today [20:23]
  • learning the best practices of using AI [23:57]
  • coexisting AI with compliant industries [28:24]
  • the future of conversational AI [31:02]

Conversational AI has been years in the making

5-10 years ago conversational AI was a much different beast. Several places were trying to come up with natural language AVR’s without much success.

Everyone loved the idea of greeting the caller with an open-ended question like how can I help you today?

The concept was fantastic, but the practicality was very difficult. Natural language IVR required a lot of work and talent to predict the myriad things a customer might say.

But the results often led to the dreaded response — I’m sorry, I didn’t get that — or even worse– you want to book a flight to Russia?!

Many businesses learned from these issues and scaled back to directed dialogue. Most organizations now use this approach since they find that guiding the caller is much more manageable.

Google and Amazon are making the home assistant available and the AI is much more manageable.

How does conversational AI work?

Home assistants have made great strides with conversational AI technology. They are now able to use a conversational design to extrapolate answers and fill in the blanks.

This combo of intends (what you want the bot to do, or the intent) is mixed with the things that people might say or the actions requested. When deployed in the cloud the bot is able to streamline the process and prove value.

Finally, AI is reaching natural language understanding. However, it is just as important that the bot understand what you are saying as it is for it to use a speech pattern that is friendly and pleasing to listen to. As with everything in business, people are more likely to use the service if it is a positive experience.

Using operational AI can result in the trifecta…

  • Happier customers
  • Lower operational costs
  • Higher agent retention

Industries can use AI not only with their customers but with their employees as well. The results can lead to getting relevant information to employees faster and shorter customer handle times.

Conversational AI could be just what your organization needs. How could it help your business? Listen in to this chat with Steve Drew to hear about the future of AI, sentiment analysis and learn best practices that you can start using in your business.

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