Few terms today are as “hot” in not only technology circles, but even in popular culture as “AI”.  Yet in many cases, understanding what AI is and where its impact has traditionally been felt as well as in what ways it continues to advance in areas of IT infrastructure and operations may not be as obvious.  Join NWN Carousel’s VP of Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions, Chris Poe, and special guest Frank Jas, Director of Product Management at HPE Aruba Networks whose responsibilities include charting the product and feature strategy for IoT/device classification, dynamic segmentation, and automated network analytics using AI/ML for NWN Carousel’s next eXcellerate podcast episode on May 2, 2024.  During this dynamic discussion, Frank and Chris will explore:

  • A clear, layman’s definition of AI to demystify the concept
  • History of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on IT Infrastructure
  • The evolving role of AI and Machine Learning in Infrastructure and Operations
  • Paths to AI value realization in IT Infrastructure
  • The impact of Infrastructure on AI workloads

We hope you can join us!