Boston, MA – October 18, 2023 –  NWN Carousel, a leading integrated cloud communications service provider, sponsored The 33 Foundation’s Annual Fundraiser and Golf Tournament at the Cape Club of Sharon, in support of individuals on their journey to recovery from spinal cord injuries and to recognize National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM).  A total of $170,000 was raised at the October 10th event which was attended by current and past beneficiaries, more than 200 Massachusetts families, corporate and individual sponsors. 

The beneficiary of this year’s fundraiser is Debbie Ward, who faced a sudden paralysis in 2023 after falling down a flight of stairs. Like many others, Debbie and her sister, Dianne Campbell, were challenged with adjusting to a new lifestyle while also facing incredible financial burden. Thanks to the unwavering financial support of NWN Carousel and The 33 Foundation, Debbie Ward is diligently working to rebuild her strength without having to worry about the financial burden of recovery.

“Looking back, I didn’t really know where life would be. Being here today and having the help from The 33 Foundation is just beyond words, and I truly mean that,” said Debbie Ward, this year’s 33 Foundation recipient. 

This mission is very personal to the NWN Carousel Team. NWN’s SVP of Corporate Development, Matt Curran, experienced a life-changing spinal cord injury in 2001 when he fell from a roof at the age of twenty-one. Having fully recovered from his spinal cord injury, Matt is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and founded the 33 Foundation to serve as a beacon of hope for others. Matt’s inspirational journey can be explored further in this video

“I consider myself blessed every day to be walking and fully functioning but so many of us with spinal cord injuries aren’t as fortunate. When we started this tournament, it was with the goal of raising awareness for spinal cord injuries and giving back to those who have suffered. I’m humbled when I think of the beneficiaries we’ve helped over the years and the money we’ve raised through the golf tournament and other events,” said Matt Curran, SVP of NWN Carousel and founder of the 33 Foundation.

The Office of the Governor Maura Healey also recognized Matt Curran with a Governor’s Citation, noting, “Matt Curran’s unwavering commitment to creating accessibility for people with disabilities within the workforce, through his work of SVP of Corporate Development for NWN Carousel and as Founder of The 33 Foundation”.

“Our support of the 33 Foundation is an extension of our recognition of National Disability Employment Awareness Month. This reaffirms our dedication to creating inclusive workplaces that value and support the unique abilities of all employees, including those with disabilities. Our work with the 33 Foundation recognizes that gainful employment is a significant factor in a person’s overall well-being and independence,” Andrew Gilman, NWN Carousel, Chief Marketing Officer.

This partnership highlights NWN Carousel’s dedication to empowering those with disabilities and creating pathways to meaningful employment to support and fund their recovery – both physical and mental. In addition to supporting spinal cord recovery, NWN Carousel will be hosting a Workplace Accessibility Panel on December 6, 2023 at Fisher College. NWN Carousel participated in the Inaugural National Disability Employment Awareness Month Celebration at the Hall of Flags in the State House on October 5th, and also partnered with the Frates Foundation to sponsor the 2023 Annual ALS Ice Bucket Challenge at the State House in August.

About the 33 Foundation 

The 33 Foundation, founded by Matt Curran, is dedicated to providing support, hope, and resources to individuals living with and recovering from spinal cord injuries. Through its community of beneficiaries and donors, the Foundation aims to make a lasting impact on the lives of those affected by spinal cord injuries.