Boston, MA January, 8, 2024 — NWN Carousel, a leading Cloud Communications Service Provider, today announced its remarkable achievements at the OnCon Icon Top 100 Awards. The company’s commitment to excellence across its workforce and leadership has been recognized with multiple accolades, strengthening its position as an employer of choice and leader in Hybrid Work solutions.

NWN Carousel emerged victorious in the following categories:

Executive Team of the Year Award

Executive Team of the Year Award: NWN Carousel’s strong leadership team, together with its commitment to driving growth and transformation as the leading Cloud Communications Service Provider, secured the prestigious Executive Team of the Year Award.

Top 50 Human Resources Team Award

Top 50 Human Resources Team Award: NWN Carousel’s Human Resources team continues to foster a culture of inclusivity, development and employee well-being. This award acknowledges the team’s relentless efforts in nurturing a dynamic and engaged workforce.

Top 50 Finance Team Award

Top 50 Finance Team Award: NWN Carousel’s Finance team has exhibited unparalleled efficiency, driving our efforts as the Largest & Fastest Growing Private Technology Services Company in Massachusetts.  This award underscores the team’s pivotal role in delivering solutions in an easy to consume “as-service” consumption model.

Top 50 Marketing Award

Top 50 Marketing Award: NWN Carousel’s Marketing team are brand ambassadors with goals that reverberate far beyond NWN Carousel’s immediate sphere of influence in the cloud communications industry. With a multifaceted approach encompassing Community Engagement, Corporate Relations, Veteran Affairs, and Social Impact.

Top 50 L&D Award

Top 50 L&D Award: NWN Carousel’s Learning and Development team work closely with our partners and sales teams to ensure we’re industry-leaders enabled to design and develop solutions and offerings that give our customers access to the knowledge and technology needed to continuously deliver new innovation. An oustanding 1,800 hours of onboarding training was conducted in 2023.

The OnCon Icon Top 100 Awards are peer and community-voted awards that are determined by community and organizational observation of work. Winners represent some of the top individuals and teams in the entire world.

NWN Carousel consistently pushes the limits of what constitutes an exceptional customer experience, earning top-notch ratings — from both its employees and customers — setting industry standards. As a leading Cloud Communications Service Provider in North America, NWN Carousel earned an 80 eNPS Employee Satisfaction rating with an industry-leading 71 Net Promoter Score.