Nectar empowers IT and Dev Ops organizations to proactively ensure great customer experiences by providing the most extensive multi-vendor monitoring, diagnostics and testing software solutions for Enterprise Unified Communications, Collaboration and Contact Center services. This has allowed us to serve millions of enterprise endpoints to over 2,100 enterprises in over 86 countries—including some of the largest global banking, search engine, service provider, healthcare and manufacturing organizations in the world.

Nectar enables the best Collaboration user experience with real-time visibility, alerting, troubleshooting and reporting across multi-vendor platform, network and endpoint environments including Cisco, Avaya and Microsoft

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       Key Offerings
  • Nectar CX Assurance Overview – Nectar’s Advanced CX Testing and Monitoring Solutions – Nectar brings the industry’s most complete approach to customer experience management for UC and contact center teams by combining our core platform, network and endpoint monitoring capabilities with cloud-based stress testing, IVR monitoring, and remote call control pick-up/dial-out automation.
          Key Features
  • CX Monitoring Assurance – Service Assurance Monitoring through automated calls placed continuously on regular intervals into IVRs, ACDs or Contact Centers. Mimics Customer Experience Transactions with Dynamic call flow adaptation, QoS measurements and Voice Quality scores.
  • CX Performance Testing – Single instance tests with the unique capability to load a Contact Center with thousands of simulated calls, recreating peak volumes that mimic customer traffic. Tests begin at a scheduled time and ramp up to the maximum ports testing during the defined period.
  • Nectar 10 Overview – Powerful, Easy-to-Use Monitoring, Diagnostics and Reporting Platform for Managing Collaboration and Multi-Vendor Ecosystems – Nectar 10 enables the best Collaboration user experience with real-time visibility, alerting, troubleshooting and reporting across multi-vendor platform, network and endpoint environments. Nectar 10 delivers best-in-class support for cloud, hybrid and on-premise platforms; intuitive, simple and powerful interface to enable support, operations, engineering and executive users; and unmatched correlation of session health across platform, network and endpoint environments.
  • Nectar 10 Framework
    • Foundation – Nectar’s Foundation is the fundamental layer of the Nectar’s Unified Communications Performance Management framework – Nectar 10. It delivers incomparable system health and availability through a single, 360-degree view of all voice and data assets. This centralized approach combines customizable dashboard views, business-centric customer notifications and alarm and performance data in real-time. It’s designed to meet the needs of both enterprises and service providers alike through exceptional application and endpoint health.
    • Diagnostics – Nectar’s Diagnostics offers exceptional network health by enabling complete IP network information correlation and comprehensive cross-platform insight across Cisco Microsoft, Avaya, and other industry-standard platforms – providing faster issue resolution and a superior end-user experience. The service provides comprehensive business solutions which include real-time monitoring, management, and diagnostics to assure uncompromised network health.
    • Perspective – Perspective is a synthetic traffic generation engine that supports network health by delivering network assessment, voice quality troubleshooting, and real-time problem identification – so you can monitor anticipated end-to-end voice sessions over IP easily and efficiently. Perspective provides easy-to-deploy synthetic testing capabilities to ensure the best  quality network health and superior responsiveness.
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  • Nectar Partner Hive – The innovative Nectar Partner Hive is a library of tools and resources that will simplify your ability to obtain and share information – across any device, anywhere – to speed the close of every sale. Whether you’re at your desk or in a meeting with a customer, the Nectar Partner Hive delivers the right content and news at the right time so that you can focus on selling.