The IT talent deficit is among the most pressing challenges organizations face today. Many organizations struggle to find top talent and, even if they do, the cost of hiring that talent on a full-time basis can be prohibitive. Carousel’s IT outsourcing service gives your business access to top talent for colocation at your site, providing on-demand access to critical IT skills you may not have in-house. Whether you need a resource to handle “run” tasks—like managing tickets—to free up internal resources or access to specialized skill sets, Carousel makes talent available for disciplines across the IT stack.

What We Offer

We offer a turn-key IT outsourcing service that provides you access to Carousel’s internal, thoroughly vetted technology experts. Our engineers can augment your internal team in core technology areas like:

Unified Communications & Collaboration

Create a modern workplace by leveraging next-gen communication tools.

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Data Center

Virtualize your environment and build for business continuity, agility and reliability.

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Leverage networking best practices to build a secure and optimized network.

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Keep your IT infrastructure running; protect critical data; and deliver secure resources to remote and mobile workers.

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Our focus on the ultimate client experience combined with the width of our portfolio around technology disciplines like cloud solutions; security; routing and switching; AV applications and integrations; collaboration and more allows us to be the single source provider for all your IT needs.

Bill Thompson EVP, Visual Collaboration
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