Your Challenge

Though companies are increasingly casting an eye towards automation and cloud management platforms, many are still saddled with manual tasks and processes, as well as ever-increasing technical debt.

Those that aren’t evolving are quickly finding that Shadow IT is very much alive and well in their environment.

How We Can Help

Here at Carousel, we help our clients understand what is possible not only from a solutions perspective but also which tasks and processes should be automated based on business requirements.

We enable our clients to support any type of application, whether that workload runs on bare metal, a hypervisor or on top of emerging technologies like containerization.

Key Benefits

Gain Agility

By leveraging cloud automation and orchestration platforms, customers are able to rapidly deploy new applications.

Improve Governance and Compliance

Remove the human element from the equation so you can sleep at night via automation.

Enhance Security

Network Virtualization technologies allow you to better segment and protect your network from threats while providing better visibility.

Enable Application Portability

The true path to hybrid cloud starts with taking stock of the on-premise infrastructure and application stack and migrating to tools that can manage both.

Becoming digital is a priority for nearly every business on the planet. But how to get there is not as obvious… hybrid cloud—and the savings and agility it brings with it—is a key enabler to becoming a digital business.

Jeremy Burton President, Products and Marketing, EMC Corporation
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