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5 Grants to Fund Your School Safety Technology

We proudly welcome Andrew Henshaw, CEO, of Learn Design Apply, as our guest blogger. As NWN Carousel’s trusted funding partner in the public sector world, together we have secured hundreds of millions of dollars for school districts and higher education institutions.

Together, we apply our vast technical expertise, and funding knowledge, to simplify the complexity of technology and financing delivering real-time, real-world solutions to optimize the performance, security, and reliability of IT operations for schools across the country. 

NWN Carousel’s public sector team has 40 years of collective SLED experience working with partners like Learn Design Apply to provide integrated cloud offerings in an as-a-service model available on our nationwide contracts.

Federal and State-level grants have emerged to bolster school safety

Recent school shootings have sparked nationwide concern, uniting government agencies, educational institutions, and communities in a collective effort to develop comprehensive solutions aimed at averting more tragic incidents. The objective is clear: to enhance school safety measures and create an environment where both students and educators can thrive without worry. 

Both Federal and State-level grants have emerged to bolster school safety initiatives by providing necessary financial support for schools to enhance their security infrastructure, implement effective training programs, and embrace technological advancements that contribute to safer environments. These grants play a pivotal role in empowering educational institutions to fortify their campuses against potential threats, as well as develop holistic safety plans that include collaboration with local law enforcement agencies and mental health professionals. This collaborative approach ensures that safety isn’t just a set of rigid protocols; it is a dynamic process that adapts to an evolving landscape of risks.

Federal Grants 

  • Cops SVPP (School Violence Prevention Program provides funding for target hardening technology within K-12.  With a maximum award of $500,000 and a 25% Match ($167,000), the grant’s focus is equipping campuses with advanced security measures to prevent and mitigate potential incidents of violence.
  •  Bureau of Justice Assistance STOP School Violence Grant: The goal of this program is to prevent and reduce school violence using evidence-based solutions and increase school safety, and ensure a positive school climate with category 1 awards up to $2,000,000 and category 2 awards up to $1,000,000 (applies to K-12 Individual applicants).
  • OJJDP- Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention: Building Local Continuums of Care to Support Youth Success:  This initiative will allocate funding to jurisdictions with high youth incarceration rates, facilitating positive youth development, prevention, diversion, and treatment services. This grant can improve intervention services, to include remote mental health offerings, technology-facilitated programming for after school, technology for more informed and faster interventions, and diversion programs.
  • Office of Elementary & Secondary Education Project SERV (School Emergency Response Project) Project SERV funds short-term education-related services for local educational agencies (LEAs) and institutions of higher education (IHEs) to help them recover from a violent or traumatic event that has disrupted the learning environment.
  • Office of Elementary & Secondary Education School Based Mental Health Services Grant provides competitive grants to increase the number of mental health providers available to students through schools in high-need areas. Awards range from $500,000-$3,000,000 for every 12 month period of the award (up to 5 years).

State Grants 

  • Stronger Connections Every state is devising a school safety program, such as the “Stronger Connections” grant funded under Title IV, Part A of ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act). This formula program aims to provide safer and healthier learning environments by engaging students, families, educators, and communities, with an emphasis on equity and student rights.


  • The USDA Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grant Program focuses on improving telemedicine and distance learning services in rural areas using telecommunications, computer networks, and advanced technologies. The grant offers funding up to $1,000,000.

Use Case Example: Enhancing Rural School Safety Through Improved Onsite Communication 

In a rural school district grappling with communication challenges, the current PA system fails to cover outdoor spaces and dead zones with no cell phone service, intensifying the reliance on onsite communication during emergencies, and necessitating administrators to visit each room in crisis situations, risking both efficiency and safety. With a lack of integration between panic button technology and the PA/Intercom system, crisis response is hindered despite best practice recommendations. Incidents of students missing vital communications due to fading equipment highlight the urgency to rectify this vulnerability. 

Grants have emerged as a vital tool by providing financial support for technology, security measures, and integrated safety plans empowering students, educators, and communities alike. 

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