Unlock the Full Potential of your UC&C Digital Experience

Hybrid and remote work has established a “best of both worlds” standard. How will we institutionalize it and really make it an incredible experience wherever we are?

April’s eXcellerate webinar, “Unlock the Full Potential of your UC&C Digital Experience” talks about the evolution of making collaborative work flexible, equitable and engaging. 

Andrew Gilman, NWN Carousel’s CMO, chats with Alvaro Riera, VP of UC, along with Mark Damphouse, Director of Technical Architecture and special guest Joseph Fuccillo, CTO & Co-Founder, Nectar. 

Watch this webinar if you are interested in…

  • Evolution of the Hybrid Experience [5:50]
  • Adoption of Multiple Platforms [18:37]
  • Implementation, Migration & Support  [18:44]
  • Contact Center – Revenue Generating [27:57] 
  • Delivering Performance Metrics, Nectar [28:51]
  • Live Demo by Nectar – Identifying the User Experience [33:41]
  • NWN Carousel – Integrated Offerings to Support UC&C [42:25]
  • Beyond the Technology – Repeatable Service Model [45:53]
  • Technology + Managed Services + EMP [51:46]
  • Bringing it all Together – Integrated Cloud Services Platform [54:02]

Join Us for April’s eXcellerate

Fast-Track Customer Engagement with Cloud Contact Center

April 23 I 1:00 PM – 2:00PM ET

March’s eXcellerate webinar was sponsored by:

Replay “Unlock the Full Potential of your UC&C Digital Experience”

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