Blog | 01.26.2022

How to Host a Great Hybrid Meeting

Our eXcellerate virtual series kicked off with January’s webinar on “How to Host a Great Hybrid Meeting!”

NWN Carousel’s VP of Visual Collaboration & Workspace, Brian Fichter, invited Microsoft’s Jimmy Vaughan to hold a lively, interactive discussion on best practices around how to support the hybrid worker. The conversation focused on creating a strategic approach to hybrid work. In order to truly make it effective — attendees learned you can’t achieve success based on only one consumed service, or tool — it must be holistic!

Missed it?

Replay January’s Webinar, “How to Hold a Great Hybrid Meeting!”

Ways to Solve for Remote Employees who Feel Disconnected

“One of the aspects NWN Carousel really embraces with the solutions we deliver is no matter what type of room you’re in, you are going to get the same experience; the same ease of use,” said Brian.

One major way to make employees feel connected is establishing the right infrastructure, and physical office space, to allow for effortless collaboration. This will ensure everyone can be equally heard and seen.

“Excellent combination of including a MS team member to compliment Brian’s message. Good to understand the diligence put towards certifying MS Team devices from third parties.”

eXcellerate attendee feedback

Building the Backbone to Hybrid Success

Licensing in the Cloud

“The people in the office can always expect they will have at least one remote attendee. So when you’re talking about licensing, you’re talking about licensing the shared space and that’s the Microsoft Teams ecosystem. In this ecosystem, there’s a standard and a premium license,” said Jimmy.

The team outlined the many benefits to NWN Carousel’s premium licensing offer with Microsoft. With the additional monitoring component of NWN Carousel’s EMP. “With NWN Carousel’s Experience Management Platform, we can help our customers with day two support and the ongoing analytics,” said Brian.

Anywhere Analytics

Many of NWN Carousel customers are saying, “Just self-empower us. The technology is getting easier. Now we want the self-serve analytics to back it up,” said Brian.

Conference room analytics allow you to capture granular insight into how your rooms are being used. Is your video conferencing space being used for in-person meetings? How many people are in those meetings?

Answering these questions gives you a holistic view of your meeting spaces, which is necessary when making future decisions around a hybrid work model.

“It’s really important to understand how you’re using the equipment. Especially in the hybrid model, it’s key, so that good business, and budgeting, decisions can happen,” said Brian.

Modern Device Management

Bandwidth is critical to the home office worker. For many employees, their at-home Internet connections aren’t able to meet their working needs. To guarantee that employees can work from home successfully, NWN Carousel works with our customers to ensure they have an adequate bandwidth connection.

“The cameras, the bandwidth and the processing have come a long way,” said Brian.

But you don’t want to diminish your meeting experience by not having enough bandwidth to allow your Internet speed to work at maximum efficiency. Nor do you want an incomplete view of your devices, which can cause a security risk.

Checklist for a Hybrid Work Model

  • How will we extend a continuous collaboration platform?
  • What are the devices & how will they connect to the network?
  • Is connectivity going to be secure?
  • How do I manage this holistically from an IT perspective?

Foster Equal Citizenship

Adopting technology that is versatile to meet the needs of every hybrid professional will allow for equal participation. One of NWN Carousel’s core values is working with our customers to adopt their technology so they can maximize their investment.

While the Road Warrior may use both personal and mobile devices; the At Home Worker may have different needs. And the In Office Worker even further distinct demands. NWN Carousel’s core offerings within our new Hybrid Work Suite includes solutions for each persona.

“NWN Carousel has the best engineering staff in the industry. We consult the customer with how they want to use the technology and talk about the pain points. We build a roadmap to gain positive business outcomes,” said Brian.

Not all Rooms are Created Equal

As visual collaboration usage grows in the hybrid work environment, organizations have an opportunity to adapt their physical spaces. This can mean a number of adjustments to the workspace, including:

  • Addition of integrated unified communications meeting rooms.
  • Enhanced video and web conferencing capabilities for huddle rooms and other smaller conference rooms.
  • Video wall display systems and digital signage.
  • Expanded use of motion sensors to gain intelligence into office and conference room usage and energy costs.
  • End-to-end visual collaboration and workspace solutions that deliver a consistent experience to users whether they are in an office, at home or in some other remote location.

To engage every hybrid worker, and encourage equal citizenship, learn more by attending one of our upcoming webinars.