Blog | 05.05.2022

NWN Carousel’s Technical Engineering Summit 2022

For any engineer that’s spent late nights designing network layouts or squeezed out a configuration drawing to meet the requirements of an RFP, knows well that work-life balance isn’t always possible with a career in IT.

For this reason, we at NWN Carousel, take every opportunity to thank our Solution Architects, and Solution Engineers, for the essential work they do daily to support the mission critical operations of our over 7,000 customers.

“It was a great opportunity to meet face-to-face, yet also level set as a sales organization to what we need to focus on and get better on over the next three quarters to have a really successful FY22.”

Charlie Beckman, VP Engineering, NWN Carousel

A Renewed Focus

Last week, our engineering leaders, along with executive sales leadership met at the Boston Marriott Copley Place hotel for an exciting week of connecting with colleagues, as well as first-hand presentations from our leading manufactures!

The goal was to get the engineering teams together across all specialties, within our core offerings, to provide focused feedback and training.

“We took our new hires along with Solutions Architects, and Solution Engineers, and offered them training on the Value framework we use to benefit our customers. It really is that one true partnership between our sales and engineering organizations.”

Dan Tassone, CRO, NWN Carousel

Technical Engineering Summit 2022 – Agenda

  • Day 1 centered on the benefits of identifying and solving for customer pain points early-on (we call it the “Mantra”); and closely aligning engineering with sales objectives
  • Day 2 included insightful presentations, and product demos, by our leading OEM manufacturers
  • Day 3 focused on breakout sessions geared to specific timely topics including Security, Visual Collaboration Workspace; and how to provide integrated solutions for the return to office and the remote workforce!

From the latest product demos on the showroom floor, to breakout workshops presented by our internal Subject Matter Experts – as well as our trusted partners – we wrapped up each session with lively Q&As. Leaving time, of course, for socializing and networking! Favorites included team dinners at Boston’s newest hot spots, and an exclusive tour of The Boston Red Sox’s home turf at Fenway.

We are fortunate to work alongside the brightest in the business. And look forward to seeing you all in person at the Annual Tech Summit in 2023!

“The biggest benefit to our customers is asking that ‘Why’ question. It’s not just providing a quote or doing the run-rate business. Asking, ‘What are you trying to achieve?’ And becoming better partners with our customers is our ultimate goal.”

Charlie Beckman, VP Engineering, NWN Carousel

Many thanks to all our great speakers and sponsors!

Technical Engineering Summit 2022 Sponsors

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