Modern Work – Meetings, Calling & Devices for Microsoft Teams

Learn how NWN Carousel helps customers transform their communication strategy by leveraging the resiliency and security of Teams Calling and Meetings. With extensive Unified Communication expertise, NWN Carousel provides a unique and trusted approach to migrating clients to Teams Meetings & Calling. As a result, customers saved nearly $20 million in hard costs, and most importantly, created connected experiences for organizations adopting a hybrid workforce.

NWN Carousel’s Microsoft Solutions

Learn more about NWN Carousel’s extensive experience in both on premise and cloud based Microsoft implementations and our deep experience in the collaboration space. Our team of technical specialists have decades of experience dating back to OCS. In addition, NWN Carousel’s vast experience in telephony, video, and networking, will ensure success of any migration to a Teams Voice and Video project.

Teams Direct Routing as a Service

Learn more about NWN Carousel’s advanced specializations in Teams Calling, Teams Meetings and Meeting Rooms, and Change Management and Adoption. We offer vast consulting experience, with over 3 Million seats migrated to the cloud. Based on our extensive design, implementation, migration experience, certifications, proven and repeatable project methodology, and project management approach, NWN Carousel is uniquely qualified to deliver highly successful Microsoft solutions.

Microsoft Partner of the Year 2022