This article was originally published on CRN.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the channel is seeing an increased demand for edge solutions with most people working remotely. NWN Carousel Chief Services Officer Steven De Maayer talks with CRNtv about how partners can capitalize on this opportunity, while also ensuring their end users are connected and secured.

“Our ability to reach those clients to accelerate a lot of these edge solutions, to drive the cybersecurity message, to drive them to the cloud, I think that’s what we bring,” said De Maayer, who started the job at the Exeter, R.I.-based IT services firm in September after working at Wipro.

Here’s a look at some of CRNtv’s virtual interview with De Maayer:

So we’re hearing a lot how the coronavirus pandemic is accelerating the market for edge solutions. Why is that?

You know more people are working from home, of course. I mean we’re all social distancing and the best way to do that is to work from home. And as we’re doing that there is just much more of a need for security and connectivity at the edge, and edge solutions provide that. I mean, how do we protect any employee that is working from home for a company, making sure they still need access to the same thing that they were before in the office, edge computing does that.

And what should partners be doing to capitalize on that?

When I talk to clients the things that they are most worried about is security. I mean, how do I protect my sensitive information when I’ve got all these folks working from home. So, I think providers really need to think about, these IT companies need to think about, how do they do that; how do they make sure that integrated into their solutions they’re thinking about security.

Now tell us how do you plan to help partners unlock the full potential of edge computing?

I think when you think about running edge solutions, there is a different technical expertise that you need. Then, you got to really think about cloud solutions that come into play when you have some great edge solutions. So, we help clients think through that and we can then really help accelerate the adoption for our partners of these edge solutions.