Top Cisco Partner On Security Opportunity

Cisco Systems is cutting through the security market clutter and bringing an “enormous” opportunity to solution providers that realize simply selling technology isn’t good enough, says a top executive at a solution provider climbing swiftly through the ranks of Cisco’s partner program.

“In the security world, it’s not good enough that we just sell [customers] technology,” said Josh King, director of security solutions at Exeter, R.I.-based Cisco partner Carousel. “They can buy boxes from anybody, but it doesn’t do you any good if they invest in it and it just sits in their data center.”

Carousel recently was recognized with Cisco’s Master Security Specialization, giving the elite solution provider a brand awareness boost, as well as concrete validation of its security capabilities. “This brings Carousel to the forefront and says we have the expertise, but not just that, we have the stamp of approval from Cisco that says we’re in the top echelon,” King said.

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