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US private equity firm American Securities LLC partners with cloud communications leader NWN Carousel, promising to boost the company’s presence in the $100 billion hybrid workplace services market.

NWN Carousel, a prominent name in the world of Cloud Communications Services and Hybrid Work Solutions, is poised for a significant boost in growth and innovation, following a new financial partnership with the U.S. private equity firm American Securities LLC. This collaboration promises to propel the Company’s ambitions to dominate the burgeoning market for hybrid, AI-enabled flexible workplace services, currently valued at over $100 billion.

The company, which has risen to prominence under the guidance of New State Capital Partners, has seen its gross revenue triple to soar past the $900 million mark. This remarkable trajectory of expansion has earned NWN Carousel recognition on the INC5000 list of fastest-growing private companies for two consecutive years and the accolade of the top Middle Market Technology company in Massachusetts by the Boston Business Journal.

NWN Carousel’s success is built on its comprehensive suite of services designed to meet the evolving demands of the digital workplace. These services include next-generation Unified Communications, which are pivotal in today’s dispersed work environment, Advanced Technology Solutions to meet ever-changing IT requirements, AI-Enabled Cloud Contact Centers which revolutionize customer service interactions, and Visual Collaboration and Workspaces (VCW), enhancing team engagement across geographical barriers.

Additionally, Managed Cybersecurity Services respond to the growing necessity for robust IT security in an era of increasing cyber threats, while Device-as-a-Service offers a practical solution for managing organizational hardware needs. Integral to their forward-thinking approach is the proprietary Experience Management Platform (EMP), which has played a critical role in providing clients with a seamless adoption of multi-cloud service management, encapsulating comprehensive analytics, IT asset stewardship, and cost efficiencies.

Revered for fostering a high-performance culture marked by innovation and operational excellence, NWN Carousel has reaped numerous industry awards and is consistently hailed as a ‘Best Place to Work’, underlined by an impressive Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) surpassing 80.

The switch from New State to American Securities reflects a strategic move that signals NWN Carousel’s readiness to undertake its next growth chapter. The Company’s President and CEO, Jim Sullivan, expressed gratitude towards New State for their support which helped morph the organization into a formidable platform company. Looking ahead, Sullivan conveyed enthusiasm about enhancing their mission in empowering major organizations in North America with intelligent and flexible workplace experiences.

American Securities, known for its track record of successful investments, praised NWN Carousel’s capabilities in service innovation and customer relations. Managing Director Kevin Penn lauded the company’s competency in navigating the dynamic tech landscape, while Principal Noah Scherz underscored their prowess in driving organic growth and performing strategic mergers and acquisitions.

This partnership paints an optimistic picture not only for the future of NWN Carousel but also for its customers and strategic partners, as this financial shot in the arm is bound to rev up the delivery of innovative technology solutions to the market. With this financial backing, NWN Carousel is set to further cement its position as a cloud services powerhouse in the ever-evolving digital workplace arena.

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