CARY, N.C. (WNCN) as seen on Channel 17 News — The Downtown Cary Park has officially opened to the public and it includes unique features including a playground, walking trail, a bar and a grab-and-go restaurant.

“There’s something for everybody out here and the design is just beautiful,” said Cindy Karoly of Cary.

Not only does the park have tons of entertainment features, but it’s technologically advanced.

It offers access to free Wi-Fi 24/7 to park visitors.

“We’ve got to make sure whether it’s winter, summer, all of the trees…whether you’re at the dog park of the ice rink that you’ve got the connectivity that you need,” said Shannon Ludwig with NWN Carousel, the company behind the technology.

Ludwig said they’re keeping security top of mind, too.

“We take a lot of time and attention when doing that. You’ve got to make sure that it’s secure so that’s what we do through our site surveys is to make sure and then wrap security around that,” said Ludwig.

It doesn’t stop at free Wi-Fi. Soon, the technology will allow the town to share information with park visitors like weather alerts, public service announcements and special promotions through their “Cary-On” App.

“When you start to look at the parks and where they are now everybody wants that instant connectivity, they don’t want to think about it. People don’t want to always work from their homes, they want to be able to come here and work from here, they want to bring their kids here and play, they may still want to get on their devices.”

Shannon Ludwig, VP Sales

Cary is creating a place where people can play, work, or both at the same time.