Security has become a very crowded field, with everyone from start-ups to channel giants looking for a position in the security game and touting new hardware and software to the channel.

In fact, dealing with this complexity is the biggest challenge facing solution providers in security today, according to Mark Moretti, VP of data and security at MSP NWN Carousel.

“Our clients are left to sift through all these different vendors in an effort to understand how it is they protect themselves,” Moretti told Channelnomics during Fortinet’s Accelerate 18 conference in Las Vegas, NV last week.

Pascal Perot, VP of partner development at ePlus, a global VAR and Fortinet partner, said he identifies which security vendors are best for ePlus to partner with by looking at a few different factors. Key is what ePlus is hearing from customers, as well as what analysts are saying. Perot told Channelnomics that it’s essential to consider corporate profitability and whether or not the vendor will be around long term.

“Our customers rely on us to make sure it’s a solid investment. We pay attention to a lot of the start-ups and evolving technologies in that strategic space of how to [solve] a particular problem, but we certainly don’t put all our chips behind them. We have to monitor the market,” he said.

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