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Baltimore, MD. July 18, 2023 – The City of Baltimore and NWN Carousel, the leading Cloud Communications Service Provider delivering integrated solutions for today’s Hybrid Work environments, today announced the implementation of their next-generation emergency 9-1-1 program for the city’s half million+ residents.  

The next-generation 9-1-1 system will be equipped with the latest AI-based technology, including automatic text translation of 140 languages and robust geo-mapping, which can dramatically reduce emergency response times by up to 90%, while eliminating the need to engage a live translator.  

Baltimore’s 9-1-1 specialists handle more than 1.3 million emergency calls each year ranging from car accidents, emergency responders in distress, natural disasters, people trapped in burning buildings, medical emergencies, etc. These public safety professionals give lifesaving instructions each time they receive these intense calls and the new translation services and geo-spatial routing provided by NWN Carousel’s cloud-based services will provide first responders the critical seconds and minutes needed to save lives.

“The ability to communicate immediately with Spanish speakers and other non-English speaking callers of our ever-growing diverse community will provide a new comfort level for Baltimore citizens who may have been reluctant to call 9-1-1 in the past because they felt that we would not understand them. Baltimore City 911 has joined the D.E.I. movement, by now providing the citizens with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion when utilizing 9-1-1,” said Tenea Reddick, City of Baltimore 9-1-1 Director. 

“We’re proud to serve alongside Tenea and her team at the City of Baltimore on this most important program,” said Dan Tassone, NWN Carousel, CRO. “Knowing that our cloud services will help their 9-1-1 professionals and first responders save lives is at the core of our mission.”

NWN Carousel is also providing the City of Baltimore 9-1-1 system with increased security to thwart cyber-attacks and cloud-based technology to allow emergency call specialists flexibility to work from anywhere including the City’s 25 mobile command posts. The City will also use the mobile units, dubbed “9-1-1 in a box,” to create educational awareness for Baltimore’s emergency call system with students and other community members.

The $6.5 million dollar contract for the next-generation 9-1-1 system was provided through funding from the state of Maryland.   

NWN Carousel has been serving the 9-1-1 Public Safety community since 2011. Over the past 12 years the company has expanded its practice to serve 250 Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) across the US with 1900 call-taker/dispatcher positions in service today. NWN’s client base includes major US cities, County and local 9-1-1 PSAPs, State Police organizations, Police, Fire and EMS Dispatch Centers, large universities, and airport emergency dispatch operations. 

NWN Carousel offers full-service solutions including system design, equipment sales, installation, and 24×7 service.  Its service offers include E9-1-1 / NG9-1-1 Call Handling Solutions, GIS Mapping, mobile call-taker positions for disaster recovery and hybrid work environments, network design, telco carrier services, and a full suite of security services to protect these critical infrastructures.

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