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This month’s focus is on Enabling the Modern Workforce.

The Age of Mobile Enterprise Collaboration. Are We There Yet?

There’s no question that the rise of mobile technology has led to a dramatic shift in the traditional office landscape. Given this change, it is now more important than ever for IT managers to integrate a robust mobile UC solution into company operations.

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Contributor: Intelepeer

Introducing the Haivision Media Platform

Haivision is the only provider of a complete, end-to-end enterprise video solution that meets the needs of any business. Watch this webinar to learn how you can get an enterprise video solution with high-quality, low-latency, secure, reliable streams and make producing internal video easier than ever!

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Contributor: Haivision

Millennials & Mobile: Hospitality Trends of ‘Generation Y’

Wi-eFi is a utility for millennials, not a luxury. Extreme Networks dives into the importance of this and what it means for the hospitality industry.


Contributor: Extreme

Welcome to the Next Age of Work

Today’s workforce is very different from what it was five years ago. The idea of employees, in one office location, sitting at their desks from 9 to 5, seems almost quaint. With new technologies that enable greater mobility, the concept of a traditional workforce has changed forever. And this change isn’t isolated to just one segment or industry — it crosses geographic, generational, and cultural lines. As a result, companies are being challenged to rethink their assumptions regarding workplace environments and behavior. Put simply, it’s a global business phenomenon that leading enterprises call Smarter Working.

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Contributor: Plantronics

Enabling the Modern Workforce to Communicate in an Emergency

Valcom solutions allow employees and visitors to summons help with the press of a single button, which permits a call to be directed to the most appropriate point for optimum response time.

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Contributor: Valcom

Enabling the Modern Workforce with Conferencing Technology

As modern technology has continued to expand the reach of the individual within the world, the same has been true for modern day business. Conferencing technology, specifically, has played a large role in enabling businesses to expand their reach

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Contributor: Sonexis

How Cisco Digitally Transformed its Workforce

Digital transformation starts with people and an organizational culture that’s aligned toward a unified vision of business transformation.  If you are going to attract and retain the best people, you need to create a work environment that empowers them to feel engaged, productive, satisfied, and valued in an increasingly digital, global, and mobile workforce

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Contributor: Cisco

 Security Implications for Your Unified Communications

Digital transformation starts with people and an organizational culture that’s aligned toward a unified vision of business transformation. Leveraging Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technology truly changes the way we think about communications these days. With SIP, unified communication (UC) applications become just another “data application” and without appropriate security measures in place, networks could be opened to bad actors exposing the business, technology, privacy and compliance to new attack threats

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Contributor: Sonus

Transforming the Workplace with Speech

Your voice is 3x faster than typing. It’s changing the way we work. Speech and Virtual Personal Assistants are on the rise. Speech-enabled technology is already in our personal lives – think Siri or Alexa. It’s time for a Virtual Personal Assistant built for enterprise. Join the webinar to learn more.

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Contributor: AVST

Collaboration, but not as you know it

Working with people in other offices—whether that’s the other side of the country or the other side of the world—is a reality for most of us now. It might be a distant branch, a home worker, corporate headquarters, or an overseas supplier. The pace of modern business means that we can’t wait to see people face-to-face—that would be massively expensive too—and sometimes email just doesn’t cut it.

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Contributor: Verizon

Enabling the Modern Workforce through Collaborative Communications

Speed is the new currency of business…and communications is happening faster and faster.” No Jitter shares valuable new insights on how collaborative communications substantially improve both the top and bottom line

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Contributor: RingCentral

Enabling the Modern Workforce

Which came first, the evolution of the workforce or the technology that enabled the workforce to evolve?

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Contributor: CI

Accelerate your business with the mobile-first digital workplace.  Boost employee productivity and workplace efficiency.

As you move to the digital workplace, it’s critical to get your IT infrastructure ready. To meet the challenges, Aruba offers an integrated wired and wireless portfolio, with industry-leading advances in network management and security. 

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Contributor: Aruba

Simple Tools and Tips to Protect Yourself Online

From hacking and identity theft to government surveillance, consumers list any number of reasons to be concerned over their online security and privacy. That’s why we want to highlight some of our favorite tools, along with a few other helpful hints, that can help consumers protect what they do online.

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Contributor: SecureState

Enabling Your Modern Workforce

Today, we expect information on demand and at our fingertips. In the context of our increasingly mobile workforce, it’s particularly important that the information we rely on to make decisions is accurate, and available both where and when we need it.

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Contributor: Taske

As you move to the digital workplace, it’s critical to get your IT infrastructure ready. To meet the challenges, Aruba offers an integrated wired and wireless portfolio, with industry-leading advances in network management and security.

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Contributor: Fortinet

Detect and Monitor Devises without Impeding Employee Productivity

So many organizations cite integration between public and private cloud networks, a growing cloud networking skills gap, and managing security across different environments as top concerns. Read about how the Fortinet Security Fabric is extending into the cloud with FortiOS 5.6, answering the challenge of increasingly distributed and complex networks.

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Contributor: Forescout

7 Tips for Happy Agents and Delighted Customers

Industry analysts estimate that contact centers spend up to 70% of their annual operating budgets on expenses associated with staffing, such as recruiting, salaries, benefits, bonuses and other personnel costs. In addition, high contact center agent attrition rates can significantly drain operating budgets and reduce morale, production and the overall customer experience.

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Contributor: Avaya

The technology space is changing at warp speed and consumption habits are evolving at every turn.  As users, we look for high quality technologies that feature an intuitive interface and are available at an affordable price.  These consumer demands translate into the work place and how we collaborate.  With AudioCodes Huddle Room Solution (HRS), you can turn any space into a meeting space.  Transform your office into a professional meeting space with a high quality audio solution in a powerful and cost-effective package that is simple to operate and manage. Available in 3 sizes, the HRS solution offers full integration with Skype for Business and centralized management and control to lower operational costs.  Get full details on this innovative solution and transform your conference experience.

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Contributor: AudioCodes