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This month’s focus is on Digital Transformation.

Device visibility is key to successfully driving your organization’s digital transformation

Lack of device visibility can lead to a host of security and compliance issues. In the age of digital transformation, seeing devices on your network is the foundation for addressing these issues. Check out how Hubspot, a leading marketing automation platform, is successfully driving its digital transformation.

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Contributor: ForeScout

Digital Transformation: There’s Never Been a Better Time to Reimagine Your Business

Digital transformation is disrupting businesses in every industry by breaking down barriers between people, businesses, and things. These innovations are happening across organizations of all types, in every industry. But they share a common theme: create new customer experiences, transform business models, and empower workforce innovation. To do this, companies need a foundation that is outcome driven and enabled by technology. Read more here.

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Contributor: Cisco

Assessing Your 911 Capabilities

As communication strategies transform within your organization, the ability to provide 911 support for your users is impacted – sometimes critically. This document outlines some of the key questions to ask in determining the current status of 911 in your enterprise.

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Contributor: West

How Cognitive Computing is Changing Customer Service

“As real-time communications services move to the cloud, one of the biggest impacts and potential for growth revenue is coming at the intersection of software innovation and changing consumer behaviors.

After a great run for the last few decades on improving contact center enablement software, reducing the time it takes to respond to questions and reducing the traditional costs associated with toll-free support, service providers are having to re-think everything.”

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Contributor: Ribbon

Ensure business continuity and disaster recovery compliance

Enterprises face serious, and often complicated, challenges when it comes to the planning, preparation and execution of Always-On™ operations, no matter the scenario and with little time to spare. Mitigating risk against natural and manmade disasters — accidental or intentional — and ensuring business continuity is paramount to the organization’s strategy and success.

Veeam® Availability Orchestrator coupled with Veeam Backup & Replication™, automates the process of creating, documenting and testing disaster recovery (DR) plans that ensure business continuity and meet compliance.

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Contributor: Veeam

Transforming Customer Service in the Contact Center

Digital transformation is well beyond just automating manual tasks. What’s driving customer service change in the contact center?

When companies speak of undergoing a Digital Transformation, they analyze many aspects of day-to-day business… from process improvement to upgrading internal communication tools, and gathering product or customer feedback. It’s no coincidence that customer service is impacted by how well an organization executes in all those areas. So naturally when you hear of an executive discussing transformation, customer experience is that the leading edge of their initiatives.

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Contributor: InContact

4 Ways End-to-End Packet Networking Can Help Network Operators

Faced with growing demand for bandwidth, competition from upstarts, and aging infrastructure, many network operators could use some good news. Business Ethernet technology might just be the answer to help them regain a competitive advantage.

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Contributor: Ciena

Mobile UC for the Digital Workplace

Advances in mobile communications benefits employees to boost engagement, productivity and agility in the workplace. Allow workers to carry just one device to handle both their personal and business communications through a secure mobile client.

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Contributor: AVST

What Workers Want from an Enterprise Communication Solution

The majority of workers today spend at least an hour a day toggling between different communications apps – a serious drain on productivity that is only threatening to get worse. Learn why a single platform provides workers with a centralized hub for collaboration and communication, eliminating the need for toggling between separate apps.

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Contributor: RingCentral

CASE STUDY: Interactive Flat Panel Displays Bring New Learning Resources

Granted bond monies to support construction and technology infrastructure upgrades, the Chico SD allocated a portion of the funds for technology enhancement at the elementary school level. Another portion was earmarked to support the integration of sixth graders into the district’s three junior highs (about to transform into middle schools) with the build out of seven new science classrooms and technology updates in 11 existing science rooms. The district’s IT group was tasked with recommending technology that would deliver maximum educational benefit for students.

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Contributor: ViewSonic

Transforming Enterprise Communications Management: How Automation Drives Digital Transformation

Nearly every major enterprise communications vendor touts digital transformation as a benefit. These claims are reasonable. Unified communications and customer engagement solutions enable a variety of digital processes. The problem is that the very same tools that fuel digital transformation are often subject to manual administrative processes. In this white paper, Starfish explores how automation drives digital transformation.

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Contributor: Starfish

Boost Customer Engagement with SMS

In today’s fast-paced, mobile world, consumers want the ability to communicate with companies through text messaging along with phone calls. There are many ways to integrate text messaging into businesses’ marketing and communication efforts. Here are some ways you can use text messaging to communicate quickly and effectively with your customers.

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Contributor: IntelePeer
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