Blog | 10.07.2021

33 Reasons to Support The Curran Family’s 12th Annual Golf Tournament

Our Chief Financial Officer, Matt Curran, has an extraordinary story of resiliency. One that we are proud to share with the greater NWN Carousel community. When Matt suffered a devastating fall 20 years ago, he was given only a 1 in 10 million chance of walking again.

Through intensive rehab, his fighting instincts, as well as the extraordinary support of family and friends, Matt made a full recovery from his spinal cord injury.

“If you fully commit to something in a singular focus and make that the only thing you care about, very little will stop you,” he said.

The 33 Foundation was founded by Matt to bring together a community of beneficiaries and donors that are passionate about helping those living with and recovering from a spinal cord injury. Enabling its recipients to receive the same unwavering care, and hope for a brighter future, that Matt experienced.

Join us on October 12 at 10am, in Sharon, MA, for The 12th Annual Fundraiser and Golf Tournament.

“The 33 Foundation’s mission is very personal to our team given Matt’s own history within the spinal cord recovery community,” said Jim Sullivan, CEO NWN Carousel.

“We’re proud to support Matt and all of our employees who volunteer and contribute to the local communities where we live, and customer communities who we serve with our cloud communications services.”

NWN Carousel believes it’s important to give back to the communities in which our employees and customers live and work. Especially when its goal is one so deeply personal to one of our own.

This year, the beneficiary for the Curran Family Open will be Boston-based athlete and physician’s assistant, Dianne Vitkus. After a tragic accident left Dianne paralyzed, she’s been working extremely hard to resume her active life.

The Curran Family Open celebrates 12 years of continuing to raise awareness and funding to support individuals like Dianne within the spinal cord injury community. With the help of dedicated volunteers and donators, more than 10 individuals, organizations and families have benefited from over $250,000.

“It’s critical to surround yourself with great people. I was fortunate and blessed to have a fantastic family around me. And a group of friends. Because without them I would not be sitting here,” Matt said.