Blog | 10.04.2023

Bridging Abilities: NWN Carousel’s Commitment to Disability Employment Awareness and the 33 Foundation

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) in North America, a time to highlight the contributions of individuals with disabilities in the workforce and focus our commitment to supporting inclusive workplaces. At NWN Carousel, this observance holds special significance as we align our mission to enable hybrid work with the principles of NDEAM.

Over the past four years, NWN Carousel has proudly supported the 33 Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping individuals with spinal cord injuries regain their independence and return to work. This partnership highlights organization’s dedication to empowering those with disabilities and creating pathways to meaningful employment to support and fund their recovery – both physical and mental.

Empowering Hybrid Work for All Abilities

Our focus on enabling hybrid work through our integrated cloud communications portfolio transcends technological innovation; it’s about leveling the playing field for all employees, regardless of their abilities. For individuals with spinal cord injuries, the flexibility of hybrid work provides newfound opportunities to pursue meaningful careers.

Our cloud communications offerings can ensure that employees with disabilities and their caretakers have access to the same resources and opportunities as their peers. From accessible virtual meetings to inclusive digital workspaces – at home and in the office – we help remove barriers that may have hindered their participation in the past.

The Role of the 33 Foundation

The 33 Foundation’s mission closely aligns with our commitment to inclusivity. By providing support, resources, and rehabilitation services to individuals with spinal cord injuries, they help these individuals regain their independence and confidence. More importantly, the foundation empowers them to re-enter the workforce and lead fulfilling lives.

Our partnership with the 33 Foundation amplifies their impact. By contributing to their cause, we play a vital role in helping individuals with spinal cord injuries achieve the skills, mobility, and confidence they need to rejoin the workforce successfully.  The cause hits close to home for NWN Carousel with our SVP Matt Curran at the helm of the 33 Foundation – as the leader who’s recovered himself from a spinal cord injury.  

Play Matt’s story here:

NWN Carousel’s Ongoing Commitment

As we celebrate NDEAM, NWN Carousel reaffirms our dedication to creating inclusive workplaces that value and support the unique abilities of all employees, including those with disabilities. Our support for the 33 Foundation is an extension of this commitment, as we recognize that gainful employment is a significant factor in a person’s overall well-being and independence.

Together, with the 33 Foundation, we’re not just breaking down barriers; we’re building bridges to employment for individuals with spinal cord injuries. By combining our expertise in hybrid work solutions with the foundation’s dedication to rehabilitation, we’re helping these individuals regain their confidence, skills, and a sense of purpose in the workforce.

In the spirit of NDEAM, we will continue to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, and together, we can make strides towards a more inclusive and accessible world for all, enabling every individual to achieve their full potential.