Blog | 09.07.2023

When Nature Calls: Delivering Emergency Experience Management with NWN Carousel

It’s hurricane season 2023 in North America and our ability to respond effectively to emergencies has again become mission critical for Public Sector agencies and their citizens. With Hurricane Idalia just passed in Florida, I want to highlight a critical aspect of our mission – supporting public sector organizations in scaling their Emergency Management departments through cloud communications and contact center solutions. As our world faces increasing costs and complexity of responding to natural disasters, we’re dedicated to equipping Emergency Management and Public Safety organizations with the tools they need to navigate the storm and protect their communities.

The Growing Need for Scalability in Emergency Management

The ability of public sector organizations to respond quickly and effectively is more important than ever. Whether it’s a hurricane, wildfire, or any other unforeseen crisis, efficient communication and resource coordination can make all the difference.

Real-Time Reporting with NWN Carousel’s Experience Management Platform (EMP)

Our journey begins with the heart of our offerings – the Experience Management Platform. Real-time reporting plays a pivotal role in agencies tasked with safeguarding lives and property. With our platform, agencies can access critical data and insights instantaneously, ensuring well-informed decision-making during those critical moments.  Last week during Hurricane Idalia, the Florida Department of Emergency management was able to see real-time analytics and reporting about call volumes, agent response times and provide omni-channel communications to NWN Carousel through our Experience Management Platform.

Cloud Contact Center Offerings

In 2022, we reached a significant milestone when the Florida Division of Emergency Management implemented our Cloud Contact Center solution. This enabled them to provide essential services to residents affected by Hurricane Ian. Our cloud-based contact center facilitates seamless communication with impacted communities, expediting the distribution of vital information and resources.

Read more about our 2022 project here. (

Dynamic Staffing for 24/7 Operations

Emergency situations don’t follow a 9-to-5 schedule, and neither should support for those in need. Our dynamic staffing solutions empower agencies to maintain round-the-clock operations, ensuring assistance is available at any hour.

Backup Connectivity through Starlink

Looking forward, we’re excited to announce the availability of Starlink as apart of our ATS offering, providing reliable backup connectivity. This technology proved invaluable in 2023 during Hurricane Idalia, which wreaked havoc in Florida. When traditional communication infrastructure faltered, Starlink’s satellite-based internet kept the lines of communication open, enabling our clients to continue serving their communities.

At NWN Carousel we understand that when nature calls, it’s our responsibility to help our Public Sector clients respond effectively. Our dedication to enhancing Emergency Management through cloud communications, contact centers, real-time reporting, dynamic staffing, and backup connectivity has already made a profound impact on countless individuals.

We’ll keep innovating and collaborating with our partners to ensure our public sector clients have the tools and support they need to weather any storm.

Stay safe and prepared this hurricane season 2023!