Boston, MA – September 7, 2023 –  NWN Carousel, the leading Cloud Communications Service Provider today announced the completion of its new, innovative, modern-day Collaboration Center strategically located at 111 Huntington Ave in downtown Boston.  With the launch of its second  Customer Innovation & Experience Center, the new facility, showcases state-of-the-art solutions that have proven to dramatically improve the employee experience across NWN Carousel’s 5,000+ customers in North America. 

NWN Carousel’s new Experience & Collaboration Center serves as a national model for organizations optimizing their commercial real estate footprint while maximizing in-person and remote work collaboration for their hybrid workforces. The facility offers employees and clients an efficient 6,300 sq ft collaborative design with integrated technologies optimized for businesses in a rapidly changing world.

“We understand that today’s professionals want the flexibility of Hybrid-work while also having the opportunity to interact and collaborate face-to-face in an inspiring space,” said Andrew Gilman, CMO of NWN Carousel. “Our Boston Experience & Collaboration Center is designed to mirror our West Coast Center as a highly collaborative space for our Hybrid-first organization, and demonstrate the power of our integrated cloud communications portfolio for clients and prospects.”  

The center features real-life displays of integrated cloud solutions for hybrid workflowsdevice management solutions and easy-to-use visual collaboration workspace solutions. Hardware devices, such as large-format touch displays, video conferencing systems and digital signage are displayed within. 

“The Boston center offers a true look at a modern-day hybrid office. Pre-book or walk in and find an available space to reserve via your mobile or the interactive board within the office lobby,” said Brian Ficther, VP of Visual Collaboration, NWN Carousel.

Brian added, “The hybrid design offers different styles of collaboration spaces including open clubhouse, informal touchdown,  offices, focus rooms, and conference rooms, of different capacities. Each space is flexible, intended for engagement rather than traditional isolated cubicles.”

NWN Carousel invites clients, partners, and the media to explore the Boston Experience & Collaboration Center, starting on September 13 at 111 Huntington Ave, Floor 7 to discover cutting-edge solutions, and experience firsthand the future of work.  Book your visit to the NWN Carousel Customer Innovation & Experience Center here.