Blog | 12.21.2023

Most Read Blogs of 2023 include Campus Security & the Office of the Future

In the fast paced world of technology, staying current is essential to maintain competitiveness. This year’s most-read blogs covered topics across people, technology, and collaboration. Keeping readers at the forefront of the “Future of Hybrid Work.” Our team of experts delved into current trends, providing practical solutions to serve our extensive customer base of 5,000.

We hope you will continue to subscribe to our thought leadership blogs in the New Year! A year Gartner predicts will see a global increase in IT spending projected to reach $5.14 trillion by 2024, specifically in cloud, software, and communications services.

Mark Moretti SVP, Sales Transformation

NWN Carousel’s offering experts predict what’s next for AI applications as the gateway to customer care in the contact center, and collaborative tools encompassing automated scheduling, smart task delegation, and predictive analytics. Additionally, the focus extends to Zero Trust security, self-service video support, and easy device management with voice recognition. These trends together represent a concerted effort by IT leaders to create an Intelligent, Flexible Workplace aimed at improving the experience for both customers and employees. Our offering leads have identified key strategic IT trends for 2024, a year that’s predicted to show more AI-related cloud spending. 

To directly quote our CEO, Jim Sullivan, “AI is the largest service opportunity in my career. You can buy AI capabilities but it requires the process and data models and people with the right expertise to implement it.”

Get a comprehensive view of where the industry is headed in 2024 here.

A New Kind of Collaboration Space. Where Flexibility and Inclusivity are at the Forefront of Hybrid Work.

By Andrew Gilman & VCW Partners

With the grand opening of our East & West Experience & Collaboration Centers, together with our partners, we transformed traditional office spaces into innovative hybrid work environments. Blending creativity and productivity, our beautifully designed, smart centers in Boston and Sacramento offer the latest in cloud technology. Each flex space includes connected devices, secure networking, one-touch video conferencing, inclusive camera and speech tracking, 24/7 support, hybrid scheduling, and digital signage. 

The modern ECCs feature real-life displays of integrated secure, cloud solutions for hybrid workflowsdevice management, and easy-to-use visual collaboration workspace solutions. Hardware devices such as touch displays for room reservations, video conferencing systems with QR codes for 24/7 direct support, and custom digital signage are displayed within. 

Watch video highlights or book an East or West personal demo.

By Andrew Gilman, CMO

At Cisco Partner Summit 2023, NWN Carousel was recognized as SLED Impact Partner of the Year for its innovation, leadership, and best practices as a Cisco partner. 

Throughout a 15-year partnership, NWN Carousel and Cisco have joined forces to deliver cutting-edge cloud communications solutions to their Public Sector clients empowering them to upgrade their on-premises PBX network to a reliable and secure cloud calling system. 

With Webex Calling, together with EMP monitoring and analytics, organizations can seamlessly transition to a comprehensive collaboration platform that encompasses top-tier calling services, virtual meetings, messaging, contact center capabilities, and integrated devices suitable for any scenario.

Watch a “smart city” SLED customer success story here.

The WHAT WHY and HOW Behind Kari’s Law

By Mark Fletcher, ENP, VP Public Safety, 911inform

Our most influential webinar, When You have Seconds to Respond, featured Hank Hunt, the founder of The Kari Hunt Foundation and the driving force behind Kari’s Law. The session centered on creating a thorough technology strategy to proactively address and manage emergency scenarios. 

We were equally honored to welcome guest blogger, and webinar panelist, Mark J. Fletcher from 911inform, our esteemed partner in Public Safety. “Fletch” shed light on the vital advantages of cutting-edge cloud technologies and infrastructures in schools and public settings, aimed at enhancing immediate emergency response.

Alvaro Riera from NWN Carousel’s Unified Communications practice concluded with his expertise in leveraging existing tools to craft an all-encompassing solution catering to the safety and compliance needs of campuses and public buildings.

Play: When you Have Seconds to Respond and Tapping into Billions.

By Andrea Morrison, Chief People Officer & Former Active-duty Army Officer & Massachusetts National Guard

“To get any mission accomplished you had to work with all different types of personalities. This aspect of the Army was extremely valuable to me because it really drove home the importance of ‘teamwork to make the dream work,’” said NWN Carousel Leah Phillips, HR Business Partner & Adjutant General Officer.

In honor of 𝗩𝗲𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗮𝗻𝘀 𝗗𝗮𝘆, we were thrilled to spotlight two new NWN Carousel military hires including Leah Phillips and Alan Spencer, Customer Exp Manager. Along with long-time employee Shawn Wark, VP Field Operations.

They express their personal meaning of the significance of Veterans Day and elaborate on how their military expertise contributes essential qualities such as discipline, leadership, problem-solving, and adaptability to benefit our customers.

Discover insights from our esteemed military employees here.