Blog | 01.05.2023

NWN Carousel’s Most-Read Blogs of 2022

Our most popular blogs from 2022 were dedicated to engaging thought leadership, technical trends, and highlights from live customer and partner events.

While readers were drawn to practical matters in 2022 – “AI in the Contact Center” and “How to Design a Microsoft Teams Room” – they also relished outtakes from our best industry events held in the name of innovation and (hybrid work) inspiration.

10. Embracing The New Rules of Return to Office by Andrew Gilman, CMO (April 2022)

It has long been an axiom of business that the customer comes first. While this still holds true, in today’s environment the employee enjoys an equal priority. As organizations return to office work, many are repurposing their spaces and creating new ones. Today’s office is being transformed to support new methods of collaboration. Learn how we transform our customers’ physical offices with integrated collaboration spaces that help enable teams to have a consistent, secure, and productive work experience.

9.  My Workforce Onboarding Experience in a Hybrid World by Sean Sullivan, Marketing Intern (July 2022)

When classes shifted online, for Sean Sullivan, a student at the University of Denver, it was a learning curve for everyone. As he began his Marketing internship at NWN Carousel, he also had to discover how to pivot to a new job while completely onboarded in a hybrid world. He shares with readers his first impressions, as well as a major survey he conducted with higher education institutions to gather data on Gen Z’s insights on entering a nontraditional workforce. 

8. Best Practices for Microsoft Teams Rooms Design by Robert Faulkner, Director VWC Engineering (October 2022)

With many employees back to the office, at least partially, there’s a need to reimagine the workplace. Deploying a new meeting room enhanced for hybrid or a traditional in-office space requires carefully planned equipment and collaboration guidelines. This step-by-step guide explains early-on decision making like creating a room attributes checklist, including key components for audio visual, compute, and cameras down to MTR Windows vs Android. 

7. Modernize your Contact Center to Improve Customer Service by Kevin Basden, VP Contact Center (February 2022)

The truth is if your agents aren’t happy – your customers likely won’t be either. Contact centers must make agent engagement a top priority. This means giving them the right blend of automation tools to make hybrid work easier while also establishing metrics to reward good performance. Top performing organizations that adopt a 360-degree view of the customer journey are rewarded with better customer service scores, lower call volume, shorter call times, and faster call resolution rates.  

6. Long before corporations had a remote-first policy, I saw an opportunity to ditch my commute and go   virtual by Alli-Michelle Conti, Content Manager (June 2022)

My perspective on the benefits of flexible work including reduced stress, improved productivity, and higher job satisfaction gained a bit of traction. If a “Hahvid” business professor predicted the perks of hybrid work many years ago (and a Content Manager took the leap) something tells us, we should listen. “If the pandemic’s two-plus years of remote work experimentation have taught us anything, it’s that many people can be productive outside the office, and quite a few are happier doing so,” The Office Monsters are trying to Claw their way Back to 2019, NYT. 

5. Key Moments from NWN Carousel Live Summer Events — Relive Here! By Kim Riley, Marketing Events Director (July 2022)

Who would have thought that we’d miss walking the showroom floor or the rush of jumping into a car-share to hop to our next session? Attending live events has been the greatest factor in strengthening our customer and partner relationships and making new ones. For those of you who couldn’t attend but still want to be in the know about the world of Hybrid Work, and Cloud Communications, here’s a recap of our key summer events. 

4. NWN Carousel Sponsors Boston Magazine’s 100 Most Influential Bostonians By Kim Riley, Marketing Events Director (June 2022)

There are many influential Bostonians who have made significant contributions in a variety of fields. This event recognized and honored Boston’s brightest, boldest, and bravest. NWN Carousel served as presenting sponsor for Boston Magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential Bostonians of 2022. Among notable VIPs in attendance were Mayor Michelle Wu, Bob Popeo, Kimberly Budd, Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, Segun Idowu, Chief of Economic Opportunity, and Inclusion for the city of Boston, and hundreds of others. Watch the recap video!

3. Customer Success Leadership Summit By Andrew Gilman, CMO (February 2022)

We invested a tremendous amount of time and energy to bring our Customer Success Leadership Team together for the 2022 CS Leadership Summit in Boston! After a company relaunch in September of 2021, and eight months of integration, our CS organization was at a key inflection point. Drill down on our customer success priorities and peek at the lineup of keynote speakers.

2. Hits and Misses From Our 2022 Tech Trends Predictions – Part 2 of 6 By Andrew Gilman, CMO (August 2022)

Our experts correctly predicted that in 2022 organizations can save on training budgets while improving the customer experience by leveraging AI to augment their human staff. The concept of “Agent Intelligence” or “Super Intelligent” agents grew increasingly popular. We also pinned our predictions when we stated more enterprises will lean on their technology partners to implement and maintain complex Contact Center solutions. With the complexity that’s on the horizon stretching into 2023, it will be of greater importance to have a strategic cloud contact center platform partner.

1. Why Choose a CCSP? By Andrew Gilman, CMO  (February 2022)

No surprise this well-researched, thought leadership reflection garnered our most readership for the year. It probably seems odd to think the cloud was once thought of as a passing fad, especially considering the volume of organizations that lean on the cloud for nearly every facet of their operations. And this is exactly why so many organizations look to the expertise of Cloud Communications Service Providers, like NWN Carousel, to efficiently navigate and control the communications for their cloud environments. Take a refresher course on the telco to cloud journey.