Blog | 08.31.2023

Why a One-Tool Collaboration Approach Doesn’t Work

Embrace the Unified Communications Multiplatform of Choice!

In a world marked by rapid digital transformation, hybrid work and the digital workplace concept have emerged as critical business imperatives. No longer an optional feature, it has become essential for organizations striving to create a dynamic and agile work culture. As outlined in the Hybrid Work 2023: Embrace Your Multiplatform of Choice white paper, organizations that successfully embrace hybrid work are better positioned to attract, motivate, and retain employees while gaining a competitive edge in the market.

Let’s explore how to provide your employees with a consistent user experience – for voice, video, and messaging- regardless of location or workstyle preference. Learn how to lean into a multiplatform approach that integrates best-of-breed Unified Communications as a Service (UcaaS) with your existing Unified Communications Infrastructure and assets to fuel business productivity!

The Evolution of Hybrid Work

The white paper highlights the shift from traditional work environments to the hybrid model, emphasizing the importance of offering employees a consistently great experience, regardless of location or device. This transition has prompted organizations to provide employees with unified communications tools that enhance productivity and collaboration while reducing IT operations’ complexity and overhead. A resilient and reliable unified communications and collaboration strategy  has emerged as the cornerstone of successful hybrid workplaces, ensuring security and connectivity are always maintained.

The Strategic Imperative of Hybrid Work

It underscores the fact that hybrid work is here to stay. With 90% of remote-capable employees favoring some form of remote work flexibility and 60% specifically preferring hybrid work, organizations that fail to offer such arrangements risk undermining their hiring, engagement, and retention strategies. The challenge, however, lies in delivering a consistent user experience, uncompromised security, and access to modern unified communications and collaboration tools.

Navigating the Complex Landscape

While hybrid work is a top priority for IT decision-makers, it’s also one of the most challenging issues they face. The rapid shift to remote work during the pandemic resulted in a patchwork of tools and platforms for unified communications, making the situation even more complex. Organizations are now presented with an opportunity to transform this existing ecosystem into a more elegant, workable, and sustainable multiplatform environment focusing on operational efficiency and “Total Experience.” Total Experience is a holistic approach encompassing all aspects of technology and user interactions across devices, applications, and platforms to create a cohesive and user-centric experience.

Embracing the Multiplatform of Choice

Rather than attempting to consolidate platforms, organizations are advised to embrace the “multiplatform of choice” approach. This strategy accommodates the diverse needs of different users while providing IT departments with the control, visibility, and insights required to be successful. Partnering with cloud communications service providers, such as NWN Carousel, can streamline this process by modernizing unified communications and collaboration platforms.

The NWN Carousel Advantage

NWN Carousel offers a cloud-first, multiplatform, flexible, and integrated set of unified communications and collaboration solutions. These solutions support calling, meetings, customer experience, and endpoints, enabling seamless collaboration and streamlined operations – all delivered through the NWN Carousel Experience Management Platform. NWN Carousel is uniquely positioned to provide a full suite of tools that meet the demands of the hybrid workplace, offering advantages that other cloud communications service providers can’t match.

Realizing the Potential

Organizations that have embraced the NWN Carousel Unified Communications and Collaboration multiplatform approach have reported significant benefits. From enhancing digital workplace capabilities to empowering remote employees, NWN Carousel’s solution has transformed how these organizations operate. By prioritizing user experience, security, and reliability, organizations can truly harness the potential of hybrid work without increasing IT complexity.

Stepping into the Future

As hybrid work continues to evolve, organizations must deliver exceptional user experiences without compromising security, reliability, quality, performance, or productivity. Unified communications and collaboration tools are pivotal in this transformation, serving as the backbone of hybrid work and a digital workplace strategy. Organizations can ensure a smooth transition into the future of work by adopting a multiplatform approach and partnering with experts like NWN Carousel.

For more information on how your organization can embrace the multiplatform of choice and accelerate hybrid work and digital workplace transformation, visit NWN Carousel.