Blog | 05.04.2023

Collaboration, Security, and Flexibility? Yes, yes and yes.

How investing in cloud technology can save costs, and provide better business outcomes

News hit recently of a slow in business for some cloud-computing giants. It could be a cautionary warning. Or more likely, a time to heed what customers truly want.

Despite the slow felt by some large cloud providers, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that cloud services will make up 14.2% of total information technology spending worldwide by 2024, up from 9.1% of spending in 2020.

Increasingly cost-conscious customers are beyond the triage times of the pandemic.  IT leaders and C-suite executives are now looking to save money.

The question is, “How do you reduce costs while still delivering an incredible employee and customer experience?”

Cloud-First, Business Outcome Strategy

With the right integrated portfolio of As-a-Service (AAS) cloud offerings, end-users can reap the full potential of hybrid work. Yet it must be done with business outcomes in mind. An end-to-end custom-architecture built with bundled collaboration, security, visual workspace, devices and networking is only step one.

More critically, a cloud migration plan must be tailored with a full breadth of services in order to maximize investment.

When CIO Nicole Coughlin, Town of Cary, North Carolina, needed to deliver a diverse list of services — ranging from town-wide wireless Connectivity to a round-the-clock Contact Center — with a limited IT budget and staff, she turned to NWN Carousel for its integrated cloud communications portfolio. Solutions included Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) to manage the town’s PCs; Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) to upgrade its voice system and support conference rooms; and implementation and support of a robust security plan.

NWN Carousel’s Experience Management Platform (EMP) also gave Ms. Coughlin’s team visibility into device patch compliance through real-time reporting. It provided detailed device analytics to monitor the health and performance of the PC fleet.

Our Solution Architects, and seasoned Sales teams, listened to Ms. Coughlin’s pain points; and helped to map out a plan to achieve desired outcomes.

We learn time and time again, leaders who invest in cloud technology carry less fixed CapEx costs, making it possible to cut expenses. They also more quickly adjust to supply chain problems with ways of buying at speed.

Strong Q1 Growth Results

Fortunately, during the first quarter of 2023, NWN Carousel’s solid business strategy to “drive business outcomes” helped us to achieve double-digit YoY revenue growth to over $200M and pipeline growth to $1.7B, marking a significant milestone in our company’s history. 

Q1 earnings also came in ahead of plan as we increased our customer NPS score by 1pt to 67. This growth was driven by strong demand for our differentiated cloud communications solutions and proprietary Experience Management Platform (EMP), which enables our 5,000 customers to increase efficiency and productivity while delivering a differentiated customer and employee experience.

NWN Carousel’s success in Q1 is a testament to our commitment to providing integrated Cloud Communication solutions that helps transform the employee and customer experience. We have invested tremendously in our integrated cloud offerings, as demoed in our new West-Coast Experience Center, which will support continued business momentum throughout the year and beyond. 

Thank you to our loyal customers, partners and employees who have worked in harmony to deliver a strong start to 2023. Most notably, an extension of gratitude goes to NWN Carousel’s CEO, Jim Sullivan, for leading us towards an early shift to a hybrid work model. 

When Jim Sullivan relaunched the company in 2019, we went from a large portfolio of offerings down to five core capabilities (unified communications, contact center, network, security and devices). 

As a result, NWN Carousel was in a great position to support our clients’ hybrid work journey. Overall, by driving cloud solutions with a desired roadmap — businesses can future-proof their operations, improve their bottom line — and enhance the end-user experience.

As the leading Cloud Communications Service Provider, certified across all technology platforms, allow our Hybrid Work experts to help you re-focus, control costs, and enhance collaboration. Into Q2 and well beyond.