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2023 Hybrid Work Tech Trends – Part I of II

NWN Carousel’s 2nd Annual Tech Trends Series explores the impact of emerging technologies on groundbreaking hybrid work innovations and business strategies. Our Offering Leaders share what’s happening now, describe what’s new, and project what’s next. In Part I, we focus on trends in Unified Communications & Collaboration, Contact Center and Visual Collaboration & Workspace. Learn several key initiatives companies can use to differentiate themselves from competitors to not only bridge the IT talent shortage, yet also help navigate a slowing economy.



NWN Carousel’s 2023 Sales Kickoff

The Sky is the Limit with Cloud Communications & Hybrid Work! We’re thrilled to have hosted our 2023 Sales Kickoff this week with our GTM teams attending virtually, and in-person, across the country at watch party locations in Providence, NYC, Charlotte, Biloxi, and Sacramento.   Our Limitless theme represents NWN Carousel’s commitment to pushing boundaries and […]


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7 Best Practices for Microsoft Teams Rooms Design

Building a Microsoft Teams Room conference space requires looking at meeting rooms from a new angle! With many employees back at the office, at least partially, there’s a need to reimagine the workplace. Deploying a new meeting room enhanced for hybrid or a traditional in-office room requires carefully planned equipment and collaboration guidelines. Read on for Best Practices for Designing Microsoft Teams Rooms from NWN Carousel’s Visual Collaboration & Workspace Engineering Director, Robert Faulkner.



Boston-Based Hybrid Work Market Map

As companies continue to adjust to hybrid work there’s a list of office and home collaboration essentials that are a must. As you plan your workforce strategy, there are several key elements to consider. As a Marketing intern for NWN Carousel, the Hybrid Work company, I had the pleasure of researching organizations, including a few partners, in the greater Boston area that support Hybrid Work. Let’s go!



Hybrid Sales Onboarding: 6 Days to Action For New Hires!

Investing in new hire training pays off in the long run when you have a focused onboarding plan. Hear from our Director of Marketing Enablement, Krista Grande, how a sound hybrid onboarding strategy can jump start the sales motion in only 6 days. Read more on Krista’s blog.


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3 Simple Tips for Video Conferencing Best Practices

My goal as a customer-facing manager, is to always appear professional and polished when meeting with clients via video. To share at-home video conferencing best practices, for every budget and work style, I consulted with Brian Fichter, VP of Visual Collaboration and Workspace solutions at NWN Carousel.



Can Technology Make Schools Safer Webinar Recap – Sept 2022

Our popular September eXcellerate webinar with special guest Mark “Fletch” Fletcher from 911inform is now available to stream!

What IT solutions should school leaders consider for securing the wellbeing of students and teachers? Learn the options…




Hits and Misses From Our 2022 Tech Trends Predictions – Part 6 of 6

In 2022, the focus has been on the integration of network and security along with visibility of the user experience and applications. We’ve seen a shift from the traditional LAN/WAN environments to “work from anywhere” hybrid architectures.
Read more on our last blog installment on 2022 Tech Predictions – Hits and Misses – for network security.



How State & Local Governments are using Federal Funding to Support Hybrid Work

Latest Funding Available for School Technology Upgrades & Safety Measures It’s been two years since many public sector agencies shifted employees to remote work and their greatest workforce challenges (and opportunities) are just beginning.   As of late, technology solutions are taking center stage in the debate around school safety. As educators and students return to […]




Hits and Misses From Our 2022 Tech Trends Predictions – Part 5 of 6

This week we talk devices. The troubled microchip supply chain is putting many devices on back order, as well as bottlenecks with continued shipping delays. As IT and HR leaders plan what their workspaces will look like in the post-pandemic world, they are confronted with challenging questions: Will they reopen offices? How much ongoing remote […]